Investors assess Fed moves gold grows in price

May 23, 2018

Investors assess Fed moves, gold grows in the price

This afternoon, gold futures began to rise, as traders began to doubt that the Fed intends to raise interest rates in the first half of next year.

So, on the stock exchange Comex gold delivery increased in price by 0.03% in December – up to $ 1295.20 per ounce. Prices ranged between $ 1292.50 and $ 1296.30. Gold is likely to receive support at $ 1281.00 (minimum 1 August) and resistance at $ 1314.60 (the maximum from 29 July).

earlier, the Ministry
US Labor Department reported that the number of employees
in the non-agricultural sector
It increased by 209,000 last month,
confounding the projected increase
at 233.000. Weak data dispelled optimism
about the recovery in the labor market
and lowered expectations that the Federal
Reserve will raise
rates sooner than previously expected.

Gold is known to be
It is under strong pressure
recent weeks. And the good news about
US economy generate speculation,
that the Fed will raise interest
rates sooner than expected.

Silver for delivery in
?? September is now trading at
$ 20.40 per ounce, copper – to $ 3,209 per pound.

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Eyes and eyes of capital or how to reduce risk

May 22, 2018

Eyes and the eyes of the capital or how to reduce the risk of loss

Trading – quite risky. No wonder why many traders, especially beginners, are very worried before the deal. However, the nerves should be protected. Moreover, that emotions greatly interfere with trade. The more a person will experience about whether it is correctly received, the more likely to overlook important detail and lose the deal.

Money management helps to control the risk of loss of capital. Any trading strategy of any trading advisor may not be repaid in any situation – absolute, uniform systems do not yet exist. While a program is to use a trader, he could still lose the deal. And this loss can be quite substantial.

Capital management involves a thorough examination of the market situation before the start or end trading. You need to calculate the percentage of the risk, so when deciding it is better not to hurry. To do this, you need to analyze the fluctuations in the market and make a forecast in which direction further development will take place. Money management begins with the preparation, without which the quality of trading will not work.

Then the player must clearly identify which part of the deposit, he can donate. Naturally, it is impossible to conclude transactions on the total capital. Of course, if he wins the income will be more, but we should not forget that, after losing, the trader will lose everything. Yes, the risk, of course – a noble cause, but money management that is what is aimed to minimize it. Why once again to expose their capital risk?

On the Internet posted a lot of information that tells how to spend money management. There are many different theories and formulas that can be used to calculate the percentage of the risk. The main thing is to leave a sufficient amount of money to a losing trade could continue, without any restrictions.

Of course, it is possible to carry out capital management at the history. Test his theory (calculation formula) on historical data. Carefully review the periods where you lost the deal. Think about what mistakes you made and mark in your trading strategy a new item, it is impossible to do in a certain situation. To make money management more effective, it is necessary to know what losses you may incur in case of defeat in the transaction. Then it will be possible to find a suitable option for risk calculation.

Many newcomers, however, still do not have a trading strategy. Then you should not even start trading. Wealth Management provides – at the beginning you need to create a set of rules to guide trading. On the subsequent trade will be adding new items to correct the error, in general, improve the strategy.

Each trading strategy is unique. Money management is largely dependent on what characteristics does your strategy. For each strategy, there should be a calculation. I thought about my trading, one can easily create formulas that are suitable only for its strategy.

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May 21, 2018


Safari – it’s fully automated and secure medium-term trading robot.

Experts do not use hedging, martingale, arbitration and night trading.

EA trades 24 hours

The basic settings have already been calculated for trading on the currency pair EURCHF (M15)


  1. Advisor is optimized for the currency pair EURCHF (M15)
  2. It is recommended to use the ECN-broker with low spreads and VPS.
  3. Use only with the account five signs.
  4. Little spread significantly increase profits.


  • Period – setting calculation period;
  • Indent – signal indentation;
  • Step – Step departing from the signal;
  • TakeProfit – take profit;
  • StopLoss – stop loss;
  • FixLot – fixed lot;
  • Risk Risk -Setting;
  • Slippage – Slippage ;
  • Magic – magic number adviser;


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Equity Protect

May 18, 2018

Equity Protect

EquityProtect has hidden stop-loss, take profit or trailing stop exhibited on the basis of the account. You can close all orders for all symbols, or select close orders with a specific currency, and / or delete only the Buy, Sell, or pending orders. EquityProtect closes all or selected order if funds on the account to become smaller or larger than a certain level. Furthermore, EquityProtect may apply funds in the account as a trailing stop. The commentary on the graph shows the level of funds which responds to the robot.

EquityProtect for strategies in which there are several open orders, even if they are open to different currency or CFD.

When using the default settings all open and pending orders will be closed, if the funds in the account is less than specified in the parameter MinEquity.

If MinEquity parameter has the value 0, EquityProtect disabled only if the parameters or MaxEquity StartTrailEquity not have a value greater than 0.

Note: All settings relative to funds in the account must be specified integers.

EquityProtect works on any chart.


  • MinEquity – if the funds in the account is less than the value specified here, orders are closed.
  • MaxEquity – if the funds in the account reaches values ​​specified herein, orders are closed.
  • StartTrailEquity – Trailing beginning when the account value means MinEquity.
  • DistTrailEquity – when the value StartTrailEquity, trailing MinEquity = StartTrailEquity – DistTrailEquity.

When the funds in the account grow by $ 1 (or any other currency), MinEquity trailing also increases by $ 1.

You can use MinEquity, MaxEquity and StartTrailEquity together.

  • CloseAllSymbols – all the characters are closed, if the funds in the account is less than or greater than the specified value.

The false value close orders to the currency, which was set EquityProtect.

  • CloseBuys – closing Buy orders. The false value only closed Sell order.
  • CloseSells – closing Sell orders. The false value only closed Buy orders.
  • DeletePending – deferred Buy and Sell orders are removed, depending on the parameter CloseAllSymbols.
  • ShowComment – Comment on the graph shows the number of agents.

If you adjust the settings StartTrailEquity, but its value has not yet been achieved, and MinEquity is set to 0, the commentary will be displayed: OrderClose Equity < 0

Upon reaching StartTrailEquity value will be shown in the comment MinEquity.

Equity Protect has hidden stop-loss, take profit or trailing stop exhibited on the basis of the account.

Equity Protect closes all or selected order if funds on the account to become smaller or larger than a certain level. Furthermore, Equity Protect may apply funds in the account as a trailing stop. EquityProtect for strategies in which there are several open orders, even if they are open to different currencies.

Equity Protect

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Forecast for 27 08 14g

May 17, 2018

Forecast for 27.08.14g. (Relevant to GMT 17:00, perhaps the prospect of the next day.)

Forecast for 27.08.14g. (overdue
to GMT 17:00, possibly with a view to the next

Dear readers, briefly on the results of the previous
prognosis – the expected direction of GBP / USD up (55 points), GBP / NZD and
GBP / AUD at the beginning
but fell at this time are about the opening price of the daily candle. GBP / JPY has increased (by 30
points). GBP / CAD fell.

early weakened, but then resisted and now formed bullish
candle on the daily chart. EUR / USD as
expected during the day are not formed certain spark to this

Now the forecast.

The market has changed its direction, NZD, EUR may continue to fall against
most currencies, AUD
trying to resist, growth is possible, it does not exclude a change
directions. GBP has fulfilled his and possibly also its downfall. potential
growth have a good chance USD,
CAD, JPY, and CHF (relatively speaking). Based on the forecast
likely to be profitable shorts EUR / CHF, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, NZD / USD, NZD / CHF, NZD / JPY, NZD / CAD,
and longs for the GBP / NZD, AUD / NZD and USD / CAD (relatively speaking).

How are the forecasts
you can watch my signals – transaction open after the publication of the forecast for
market price, as well as in
pending orders for some couples. I note that it is recommended to enter
when a transaction rollbacks, in said open transaction signal at current prices in
forecast the time of publication.

My predictions are published 2
times a day, and GMT 0 GMT +7. To calculate the potential strength / weakness
used data from large brokers, including paid data. Author
is not responsible for any profit / loss made on the basis of
this projection. Forex trading carries a high risk.

At the entrance to the market
We provide the ratio profit / risk ratio of not less than 2/1 and enter the pullbacks. Following
the forecast will be at 17:00 according to GMT.

In the future I plan to do all the forecasts in a tabular format.
If you have any ideas I will be glad.

Successful trading. And not
Howling put huskies.

Yours faithfully,


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European countries affected by Russian sanctions

May 16, 2018

European countries affected by Russian sanctions will require money from Brussels

EU governments are going to demand from Brussels for financial compensation due to the suspension of exports to Russia. ITAR-TASS reported with reference to which appeared in the local media information.

EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht told European reporters that the European Commission has a fund of 400 million euros for compensation for European farmers.

The Finnish authorities consider the possibility of seeking compensation in the EU. The country is composed is not the rosy situation Finland will miss Euro 400 million due to the embargo, as a result, and considering the likely demand for money from the direct perpetrator of the sanctions imposed – in Brussels.

August 7th EU ambassador in Moscow Vygaudas Ušackas on the radio station “Moscow speaking”, said that the EU is the loss of Russia’s ban on the supply of food from European countries could reach 12 billion euros.

According to calculations by ITAR-TASS news agency on the basis of the data of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation in 2013, the sanctions affect the annual production of all imports to 9.1 billion dollars, of which 6.5 billion came from the EU.

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Gold you are ready to rise in price

May 14, 2018

Gold, you are ready to rise in price?

The subdivision
New York Mercantile Exchange’s Comex
Tuesday futures
Gold delivery traded in December
at the level of $ 1.280,10 per troy

Before the price of gold
It reached a session high in
$ 1.281,00 per ounce. Today
Gold was likely to find support
to $ 1.273,40 and resistance
to $ 1.299,30.

The dollar index today
changed by 0.08% and traded at

Silver index
delivery changed by 0.07% in December and
It is trading at $ 19.445 per ounce,
and the index of the December copper unchanged
0.67% – up to $ 3,218 per pound.

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RSI Converter

May 11, 2018

RSI Converter

Relative Strength Index with extended functionality, recalculates (converts) the averaging period in accordance with a parameter set in the settings Time Frame on the lower slots generated (Multi-TimeFrame (MTF)). Unlike standard has a notification system about changes in the market, consisting of signals:

  1. The main line of intersection levels extreme zones (30%, 70%) and 50% level;
  2. The main line of intersection of one or two trend lines in the indicator window;
  3. Divergence on the last bar.

Extreme parameters, mid-level and divergence zones – customizable.


  • Language – the choice of Russian / English;
  • Options – selection of the converted time interval, Current – current time interval (LED operates in the normal mode). The choice of the averaging period for RSI used price: closing, opening, for a maximum period of a minimum period, median, average and typical;
  • Level Srossing – enable / disable an alert when crossing the line RSI overbought, oversold, and the middle;
  • Divergency – enable / disable notifications in case of deviations of price in the main window and the indicator window on the top bar;
  • Trend Line RSI – enable / disable an alert when crossing the line of RSI of one, two, or one of the two trend lines in the indicator window. Trend lines must be applied and rename samomtoyatelno in accordance with the names “Name Trend Line 1” and “Name Trend Line 2” in the properties window of the indicator;
  • Message System – notification system.

Alerting system

Alerts are displayed in the form of a commentary on the main chart window, the alert, push-notifications to the mobile version of the terminal installed in a mobile phone or a message to the e-mail. The undoubted convenience is the acceptance and tracking signals away from the PC to the mobile device to control the opening and closing position (street, shop, car, garage, work, kitchen, en suite bathroom, etc.). All signals are triggered by the closure of the bar corresponding to the time interval of the chart window. When activated, Trend Line RSI and the absence of the trend lines in the indicator window, an alarm sounds an error warning message is displayed in the main chart window. Just a warning appears when incorrect value RSI period – not enough bars on the chart for the convertible period, reduce the period of the indicator or update quotes.

RSI indicator alerts Converter system similar to the system RSI Message inidikatora alerts.

Good luck trading!

RSI Converter

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Bitcoin is not particularly twitches sell steadily

May 11, 2018

Bitcoin is not particularly twitches: sell steadily

On Monday
Bitcoin is stable in a range of trades, so
as market players are reluctant to open
new positions in anticipation of the next
catalyst which can
influence the direction
cryptocurrency prices.

on the Slovenian
Exchange BitStamp
during the morning US trading
session, the pair BTC / USD fell by 0.18% –
to $ 587.95. Prices traded in
narrow range between $ 586.00 and $ 596.82.

The pair was likely
likely find
support at $ 555.90 (at least
31 July) and
resistance at $ 607.20 (maximum
August 1).

cost of
Bitcoin on Bulgaria BTC-e fell
0.41% – to
$ 582.60.

on the American Stock Exchange Kraken pair (BTC / EUR)
It fell 0.36% – to
Bid to € 440,14.

according to
price index CoinDesk Bitcoin, which
It calculates the average price of the largest
markets, the price fell cryptocurrency
0.48% – to
$ 586.95.

the market is still concerned about the possible
regulation of virtual currency on the background
Other adverse events

July 17th Division
Financial Services in New York offered
enter BitLicense.
Under the proposal, companies must
to obtain a license for the right to participate in
virtual currency business. Some
Market analysts have expressed concern
about the proposal, arguing that
Pressure regulation enhancement will
on the industry Bitcoin.

digital cash
Bitcoin is not regulated and is not issued
any government or central
Bank. It can be used when paying
goods and services to individuals and
online stores.

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Bank to raise interest rates on all loans

May 8, 2018

Bank to raise interest rates on all loans

In the autumn of Russian banks may increase the cost of loans to businesses and households. Rates may rise by 0.5-2 percentage points, experts predict. It is the hardest hit by small and medium-sized businesses.

The Bank of Russia since the beginning of the year three times raised the key rate in March – from 5.5 to 7%, in April – up 7.5% for the last time – July 25 – to 8%. Following the regulator will raise rates and banks. This warning analysts and banks. “Given that the increased cost of funding, of course, that the banks will raise rates and on loans,” – says analyst “VTB Capital” Svetlana Aslanova. “The basis for the increase in lending rates is – increased cost of funding. This is due both to the introduction of sanctions against the largest state-owned banks, and the fact that the Central Bank has three times increased the key rate this year. In addition to this there is a tendency to an increase in interest rates on deposits “, – said the head of analytical department of” Sovlink “Olga Belenky.

In late July, the US and the European Union in connection with the Ukrainian crisis imposed sanctions directly affecting the Russian financial sector. The sanctions prohibit European companies and individuals to buy and sell stocks, bonds and similar financial instruments five Russian state banks – Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, VTB, Gazprombank, VEB. And with the beginning of August, the big banks began to raise interest rates on deposits. “Globex” had an increase of 0.3-0.6 percentage points, Alfa-Bank – by an average of 0.2-0.7 percentage points in rubles and 0.05-0.5 percentage points in dollars and euros, Credit Bank of Moscow – at 0.25-0.5 percentage points 0.5 ppt increased rates of SMP Bank and the Moscow regional bank, by 0.25 percentage points – Khanty-Mansiysk Bank.

One of the first of a possible increase in interest rates on loans, said Sberbank, citing the rising cost of money in the market. This was in early August, said deputy chairman of the State Bank Alexander Torbakhov.

The representative of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRR) reported that in September the bank plans to raise interest rates on loans to private borrowers by approximately 1.5 percentage points “Interest rates on loans for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could be increased in the third quarter of this year by about 0.5 percentage points”, – said Vice President – Director of the Department on work with corporate clients Alexei Ikryanikov.

Bank “Union” in the near future may increase interest rates on retail loans by 0.5 percentage points, reported RBC director of marketing and development of the bank’s retail Pauline Berseneva products. “Zenit” Bank is considering raising interest rates on loans to individuals, the representative of the credit institution. Director of business development of consumer lending and strategic partnerships at Alfa Bank, Dmitry Zhizdyuk said that in a situation of the cost of borrowed resources will increase the adjustment of rates on consumer loans.

Took a wait Promsvyazbank, “Orient Express”, TCB, the bank “FC Opening”. Representatives of the bank “Home Credit and Finance” (HCF Bank), Sovcombank, Raiffeisenbank and the bank “Uralsib” RBC said that raising rates is not planned.

The average market rates on retail loans in the future one or two months can grow by 0.5-1 percentage points, according to Pauline Berseneva. “Enhancement can occur within one or two percentage points. But it will not once, but gradually take place, “- said the head of analytical department of” Sovlink “Olga Belenky.

Rates on corporate loans may also increase. According to the head of corporate block of one of the major banks, who preferred to remain anonymous, the rates have increased by 0.5-0.75 percentage points since the beginning of the year But a rate hike may continue and reach 1.5 percentage points, he said. “At the same increase rate as strongly dependent on the segment in which the corporate client is running.

Now rates are on average 3% + LIBOR. For oil companies, major chemical holding companies, energy companies rate could eventually reach a little more than 3% + LIBOR, for the sectors that are most exposed to pressure, eg for the steel and coal, rates could increase to 4-4,5% + LIBOR », – said the banker. The last value LIBOR was 0.56% per annum in dollars.

“Since the new year rates on ruble loans has increased significantly: for large businesses – from 8 to 12% for small – from 16 to 20% per annum. Affected industries with a long investment cycle – metallurgy, machine building, construction. Purchase of apartments, cars and technology, as opposed to food, you can always put off, “- said vice-president of” Support of Russia “Alexander Kalinin.

It also notes that small business is highly dependent on large-scale and at such rates large companies can give up many investment projects that support small business afloat. “Raising rates on loans in the first place a negative impact on the sectors with a high degree of risk, such as construction, engineering, asset management for high technology because of possible future sanctions against them in terms of exports. Without state aid and state guarantees, these industries will suffer more, “- says co-chairman of the All-Russian public organization” Business Russia “Anton Danilov-.

However, the vice-president of RSPP David Yakobashvili said that businessmen are accustomed to working in those conditions in which operate. “I think that nothing terrible happens, an increase of 1-2 percentage points hardly can somehow have a negative impact, “- he said.

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