US stock exchanges to set records on background

September 24, 2018

US stock exchanges to set records on the background of the country’s labor market data

Major US stock indexes on Friday closed at record levels against the background of data on the labor market of the country, according to the auction.

DJIA index grew by 0.26% – to 21,006.9 points, the index NASDAQ high-tech companies increased by 0.42% to 6100.76 points, the index of wide market S P 500 rose 0.41% to 2399.29 points.

According to the country’s Ministry of Labor, the US unemployment rate fell to 4.4% in March from 4.5% in April, while the number of jobs in non-agricultural sectors of the economy increased by 211 thousand. The analysts expect that the unemployment rate in April was 4.6%, while the number of jobs increased by 185,000. The March index of the number of new jobs in non-agricultural sectors was revised downward – to 79,000 from 98,000.

Furthermore, according to the agency, hourly wage the USA in April increased by 2.5% per annum and was 26.19 dollars. A monthly basis, hourly wage increased by 0.26%, or 7 cents.

According to the chief strategist at Raymond James Scott Clemons (Scott Clemons), quoted by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the most important part of the labor market report contains no data on unemployment and wages.

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Daily Pivots Multi

September 21, 2018

Daily Pivots Multi

Indicator Daily Pivots Multi displays rotating levels (pivots), and not only.

Most indicators show the pivots of the day. Daily Pivots Multi shows the levels of the different number of days.

The number of days is unlimited, so you can see the levels of today and in the past few days.

The indicator is useful for the development of a trading strategy based on the pivot and the assessment of levels of its behavior over time.

Another problem is that each broker your time zone. As a result, the usual indicators based on the pivot pivots can count differently.

Daily Pivots Multi Indicator allows you to specify the time zone GMT, thus pivot calculations do not depend on the broker time.

In addition, the LED can draw vertical lines to show the opening and closing of trading sessions: Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York, as well as certain hours.

The main input parameters

  • DaysToDraw: the number of days to display the pivot points on the chart
  • ShowMainPivots (True / False): main display levels pivot
  • ShowIntermediateFibo (True / False): pivot displayed intermediate levels (e.g., 0.5x (R1 + R2))
  • ShowATRRange (True / False): display the upper and lower bounds of the daily price range ATR
  • ShowTokyoRHL (True / False): display the highs and lows of the price range of the Tokyo session
  • Daily High / Low (True / False): display the price highs and lows of the day
  • Daily Open / Close (True / False): displays opening and closing prices of the day
  • Open / Close Sidney: show the opening and closing of the Sydney session, in the form of vertical bars
  • Open / Close Tokyo: show the opening and closing of the Tokyo session, in the form of vertical bars
  • Open / Close London: show the opening and closing of the London session in the form of vertical bars
  • Open / Close NY: show the opening and closing of the New York session, in the form of vertical bars

pivot points can be calculated according to various formulas:

  • Formula (Standard Fibonacci / Modified Fibonacci / Camarilla): calculation formula pivot (standard Fibonacci / modified Fibonacci / Camarilla)

Indicator allows you to set the time zone GMT calculation. In this case, you do not depend on the time settings of your broker:

  • ServerZone: time zone your broker server

The indicator 40 has a configurable input parameters:

  • the data displayed in the graph
  • Styles used lines
  • Colors used lines

Daily Pivots Multi

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Currency market Bitcoin is aimed for 2000

September 20, 2018

Currency market. Bitcoin is aimed for 2000

In support of bitcoin and litecoin will
performing the following factors.

company Payza
announced the addition of a wide range of bitcoin services. Users can now
bitcoin store in their accounts rather than convert them to traditional currency.
All kriptoplatezhi are protected Payza Resolution Center. In the coming
Payza weeks users will be able to exchange bitcoin wallets in their company,
to instantly replenish card Payza dollars. Continued on site

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Forecast from company ForexMart

September 19, 2018

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Forecast USD / CAD May 17

The Canadian dollar is feeling much stronger in tandem with the US dollar due to the strong oil. Sea Brent managed to stay above $ 52 a barrel, providing this essential support to all commodity currencies. Moreover, the US dollar is under pressure across the spectrum of foreign exchange due to the weak US statistics. If the oil will continue to rise, the dollar / loonie will continue to move downward. At the moment, the graph clearly traced the formation of the downward trend for the purpose 1.35. The forecast for tomorrow provides the breakdown level of 1.3550.

Forecast EUR / USD May 17

The euro is near the resistance level of 1.1093. The pair is trading on Tuesday, mainly to the upward momentum, lying above the MA. The US currency slipped due to the release of negative US. MACD continues to rise. RSI is overbought and moves horizontally. Possible or correctional drawdown, or consolidation in the background overbought. The forecast for tomorrow suggests Euro’s attempts to consolidate above 1.10, and, if this attempt is successful, the couple rush in the region of 1.13.

Bitcoin rate forecast for May 17

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD, as expected, during today’s trading again corrected to the level of 1600, but could not fall below the SMA line (50) to h4. On the four-hour chart reversal pattern formed Bitcoin “pin-bar” with support on all levels, followed by “absorption” and took it towards the purpose to 1700. It seems that the correction phase is over, and cryptocurrency continued its phenomenal growth. The next target is located in the region of the maxima for 1800.

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Night Trade

September 18, 2018

Night Trade

Night Tradetrading robot for MetaTrader 4. Fully automated and easily customizable software product.

Monitoring real account.

AT Night Trade It is used based on the finding trade price level rollback points from the main trend in a certain time set based on the volatility of the currency pair and additional filtration modules. For the purpose of safety, in conjunction with the internal algorithms and closing levels, using external Stop Loss Take Profit and which do not coincide with the internal, to protect themselves against fraud brokers.

For correct operation requires the expense type Pro or ECN (Market / Instant Execution)

Time frame: M15


The settings for the chosen currency pair selected in step “Settings for symbol: “

For each pair set a unique numerical identifier paragraph: “A unique number

robot settings

  • Settings for symbol – List to select the current currency pair.
  • GMT your broker – Time zone offset of your broker from Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Lot as a percentage of the balance – Offer a percentage of the deposit.
  • Enlarge lot after the loss – Increase the lot next order if, after the close of the current yield is negative.
  • The magnification power of the lot (1-100): – The magnification power of the lot after losing trades with enabled function “Enlarge lot after the loss ” (1 to 100).
  • Trade on Friday? – Open orders on the night of Friday to Saturday? (Well no).
  • A unique number – Magic number is used to identify the robot its orders.
  • Comment it – Comments to the closing of the order.
  • Visual panel – On / off switch visual dashboard.

Night Trade

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Setting BuySellProf_Security expert for profitable

September 18, 2018

Setting BuySellProf_Security expert for profitable and safe trade

Today we will focus on how
properly adjusted (optimized) BuySellProf_Security adviser for
profitable and safe trade
small drawdown. In the beginning, we carry out the overall operation
at a construction site.

First of all, you need to optimize your adviser. For
This check for quotes history of a currency pair terminal
your broker (often, to facilitate the loading terminal, do not place
trading history, and the adviser can not start testing) without history. quotes
You can download manually in the archive of quotations (F2). If you can not disappoint
history of trading for a couple of months, then look for them on the Internet or change

And now everything in order. Go to the tab Service
– Settings
then select the tab “Charts” and
columns “Max. bars in history “and” Max. bars in the window “select
value of 250,000 as shown in Figure

(The default setting is 65000 bars).

Now we proceed to the optimization advisor for the selection of
input parameters.

Open Strategy Tester, choose how BuySellProf_Security Advisor
It is shown in the figure,

Next install the symbol (currency pair), model
testing and testing period (usually at least two to three months), or choose
Between high volatility (news outlet and al.).

To the right of the pair quotes have become available in
terminal for test for him, open tab service –
quotes or click F2. Next, select the desired pair of us and
period M1 and presses the button “download”. Over time
loaded quotes. Reboot the Terminal (turn off and turn on it again).
Repeat this procedure several times until the image before the period of gray
battery lights up yellow-green. And so do all the

To reduce the time for optimization to select the approximate
input settings, select the test model of the opening prices
(Fastest method to analyze the bar, only to advisers with a clear
control bar opening). After a quick optimization and location, we need
input parameters (selected at low loss) Mandatory
Advisor to optimize on all models tick (the most precise method
based on all available least timeframes).

When optimizing for every tick volume of generated ticks
It can be quite large, so the terminal can consume quite a lot of
Resources and time consuming, which is why you must first find
exemplary input parameters of the opening prices.

For the final optimization advisor always choose
method is tics. This is the slowest, but the most reliable method.

To speed up testing in the tabs

“Input Parameters” select first three or four parameters, check the boxes and do not forget
set starting parameters, step and stop (the higher the pitch, the
quickly will be tested, but also the accuracy of the parameters
is rougher).

can be used to enter the tab “Testing” for
Test deposit and deposit currency, as well as the parameter to be optimized.

Spread – can be set to any value or use
the current spread on the pair.

We put a tick in the box "Optimization" and
press "Start". After a while, after expert testing
Tester will give options for the input parameters that can be selected in the window
"optimization results" in its sole discretion. always choose
Options with low drawdown and a reasonable profit, for this purpose the left mouse button
so, click twice on the column "sag" in the window "results

EA adjustment directly to work

For proper operation of BuySellProf_Security advisor
First of all, you need to configure Risk Manager, set your account number
Under “Inputs” NumberAccount,
which will operate the expert. Otherwise, the chart will read and not some expert’s work will not be.

This message appears when you go to another
score. To avoid accidents, the Council has established EA on a VPS server, and do not jump from one account to one broker.

With the right account (matching the number entered in
NumberAccount) EA, under the new
tick will show all the graph settings or entered by you, which stood by default
(options facing default does not work, and chosen arbitrarily).

If everything is configured correctly and EA is on, then, to begin his work by installing two orders for Buy and a Sell,
bringing new data to the computer screen (on the chart) in real time.

Setting EA desired profit

In line TotalProfitPercentage – the total percentage of profits,
set in the numeric value desired profit to which EA will
work tirelessly, you can always change it. After reaching this
values ‚Äč‚ÄčAdvisor will close all existing orders, including those established
by hand and remove yourself from the currency pair chart window, thus ending this rabotu.Pri notify you marked on the chart.

Brokers will not give you the money
for open and pending orders. If you wish to continue the work counselor, set
it to a new chart in a new window of a currency pair. Once again, enter input parameters.

Customizing the way EA closing orders

By popular demand, we have introduced the possibility of
EA closing orders in the cycle prior to closing of the total profit previously collected
warrants. Now EA will close all orders in the cycle of
CurrentPercentProfit – operating income in the cycle, the percentage of working
approximately in the range of 0.1-10%, for large values, EA will close orders
in the cycle of the total profit. It is strongly recommended to optimize adviser with
this parameter. From the way it significantly affects the profit and EA drawdown,
for each currency pair and a certain value TP, see BuySellProf_Security work schedules for different values CurrentPercentProfit .

Setting EA allowable drawdown

In order to save your money and protect from erroneous
input parameters, as well as force majeure
news, I recommend include the option
UsePercentLoss – enable / disable the allowable drawdown, false
then off, true – so on. The graph false = 0 is displayed,
true = 1. Now in the column PercentLoss – allowable percentage loss (drawdown)
We enter a percentage in relation to the balance of the permissible drawdown to
example, PercentLoss =30. You can also now get the input parameters in the strategy tester, with various indicators PercentLoss.
The only recommendation is not guided by PercentLoss in the testing process, as the main parameter
trade strategy. By the way the tester
will give the parameters on the survival of the adviser,
and not on the lucrative trade. Not to mention the fact that in real life, Counselor
while achieving the stated drawdown deletes all orders and themselves including
graphics, it will notify you when the words on the chart.

And as a consequence, to trade on can no longer, as in the tester shows the theoretical strategy
the possibility of development of situation in certain settings. On this, choose
Options in the strategy tester with low drawdown is not great PercentLoss for example, PercentLoss =15-30% and a reasonable profit. In real trading, you can put any of his, as well as to change at any time.

By the way, all of the input parameters can and must be replaced periodically in the up or down at least once a month, especially when the seasons are changing, or are approaching, the important news. This will allow the adviser to quickly and without losses to adapt to market realities.

Successful, safe and profitable trading advisor BuySellProf_Security!

P.S. Drop in on my page in your profile or blog, article will soon be on the expert advisor in the different seasons of the year, with important news, and more.

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Wave Projection

September 14, 2018

Wave Projection

Ralph Nelson Elliott in the 1930s discovered what is now called the Elliott Wave Theory. He opened thirteen basic models or the waves that describe the cyclical trends and reversals in the market. Combining these models are larger versions of these models are available in various combinations. Thus, the method is called a fractal. Each wave consists of smaller waves, like a wave of the sea, consisting of advancing and retreating waves, which, in turn, consist of a ripple. This technique is designed to predict turning points in the mid-market values.

Input parameters

  • Limit – limiting the number of bars for the calculation.
  • AlertON – enable alerts.
  • Bullish / Bearish – change the color of lines and text.
  • Gap – change the position of text.

Wave Projection

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Guard channel

September 13, 2018

Guard channel

Expert works in semi-automatic mode. The user does on the chart horizontal or trend line, which he considers the support or resistance line. The command line is specified in the format name UP | DN_xxxx: yyyy, which is understood by the expert as a call to action to buy or sell with setting stop-loss and take-profit.

The expert has a parameter setting to the size and quantity of the lot of stop-loss transfer to breakeven. If the stop-loss = 0, transfer expert breakeven produces. If greater than zero, then when the profits equal to the parameter (in points) on the transfer stop loss to breakeven. Closing a position is done either on the exposed stop-loss, take-profit or manually.


On the graph plot the trend line. MT4 gives her name Trendline 53503. If you believe that the price should push off from our line, then add the team to the title UP_xxxx: yyyy, Where:

  • UP – a team to buy, DN – This sale team;
  • xxxx – This stop-loss value in points;
  • yyyy – the value of TakeProfit in points.

Those. in this example, I plan to set a stop loss at 300 pips from the current price, and the profit obtained from the 1200 points, so the name of the trend line looks like this: Trendline 53503 UP_0300: 1200. The expert, after seeing such a team, will oversee the price. Once the price crosses the trend line from the bottom up – the expert open the deal to buy a pre-stop loss (300 points) and take-profit (1,200 points).

The deal to buy open under the conditions:

  1. There are no open transactions for the purchase of this instrument, made according to an expert (checked on Magic).
  2. There is an open transaction to purchase on this instrument, which has formed an expert (checked Magic) and a stop-loss at the open above the opening of the transaction price, ie Stop Loss is already installed with a guaranteed profit.

For the reverse situation – for the formation of a deal to sell – a team in the title line would be: Trendline 53503 DN_0300: 1200. In this case, the expert will be waiting for the moment of crossing the price trend line from top to bottom. When this happens – it will open the deal to sell.

The deal also opens the following conditions:

  1. There are no open transactions for the sale of the instrument, made according to an expert (checked on Magic).
  2. There is an open transaction for sale on this instrument, which has formed an expert (checked Magic) and a stop-loss at the open transaction below its opening price, ie Stop Loss is already installed with a guaranteed profit.

Important observe the team recording format: UP_xxxx: yyyy and DN_xxxx: yyyy. If the stop-loss option is a two-digit (for example, 20 points), then the team is necessary to add two zeros, ie, Entry team looks like this: UP_0020: 0100.

Guard channel

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Euro experienced election what next

September 12, 2018

The euro experienced an election, what next?

On Monday, after the elections in France trades on EUR / USD pair opened with a small gap up. I won by a supporter of the European Union Emmanuel Macron, beating nationalist Marine Le Pen by a margin of 66.10% against 33.10%. But the real test is yet to come for him – a month elections will be held in the French Parliament (11 and 18 June), where Macron will still be needed to form a parliamentary majority, given that it is – a non-partisan candidate. This situation is not conducive to the stability of the euro, which flew up to full speed in anticipation Makron victory. Now the newly made president needs to prove its ability to go to the promises of a particular policy. Otherwise, it is only defer for five years the victory of the radical nationalists. At the same time that the head of the Radical Party took place in the second round for the first time in history, it speaks volumes. At Le Pen will vote in the Parliament, by means of which it will be able to influence the legislative activities of France, so Europeans should not relax.

Let’s go back to the euro. Financial market participants more or less to “digest” the French elections and to look at the policy of the European Central Bank – if it is not going to raise interest rates against the background of the stabilization of the economic and political situation in the euro zone?

This morning, the head of the Central Bank of Luxembourg, member of the Executive Board of the ECB’s Iv Mersh, who is entitled to vote in the decision on interest rates, gave a speech. He said that the euro zone economy is increasingly recovering economic sentiment in the 6-year high, unemployment – to 8-year low, investments are rising.

“While the ECB Governing Council is convinced of the need to maintain its monetary policy, we could examine its impact in the new environment of balanced perspectives, rather than deflationary risks”, – he said.

His rhetoric contains hints of a possible revision of the ECB’s policy in the future, and while it Mr. Mersch has no significant impact on the euro, it may be regarded as indicative of the possible direction of further ECB action.

Recall, the head of the ECB Mario Draghi will deliver a speech on monetary policy on Wednesday. Before his speech can be seen increased volatility in the euro as well as the growth rate – if market participants would rely on his “hawkish” rhetoric.

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GBPUSD during day bullish breakout at 1 2920

September 10, 2018

GBP / USD during the day: bullish breakout at 1.2920.

GBP / USD during the day: bullish breakout at 1.2920.

Buy above 1.2920 with targets 1.2960 and 1.2985 points.

Our pivot point is at 1.2920.

Our preference: buy above 1.2920 with targets 1.2960 and 1.2985 points.

Alternative scenario: break down the level of 1.2920 will open the way to 1.2900 and 1.2875.

Analysis: Support is located at 1.2920, allowed asset to strengthen its position for some time.

Support and resistance levels:

1,3020 **

1.2985 ***

1.2960 ***

1.2943 closing Price

1.2920 **

1.2900 **

1.2875 ***

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