GBPUSD I am waiting for Carney and he disappointed

October 20, 2017

GBP / USD: I am waiting for Carney, and he disappointed

Comments of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney had a negative impact on the mood of the pound, which caused a decrease GBP / USD to lows in the 1.2680 area. Head of the regulator said that it is not the time to discuss the growth rates, given the weak growth of inflationary pressure.

Dovish tone of the statements caused a rapid collapse of the GBP / USD to 5-day lows near 1.2680 / 70, while the yield on 10-year government bonds declined in Britain under the critical level of 1.00%.

Levels of GBP / USD

At the time of writing, the pair is trading down by 0.48% in the area of ​​1.2677. Breakdown 1.2633 (100-day sma) pave the way to the area of ​​1.2632 (at least 9-June), and then to the area of ​​1.2558 (200-day sma). Immediate resistance observed near 1.2814 (maximum 19 June), then in the area of ​​1.2836 (20-day sma) and then close 1.2979 (maximum 8 June).

Try the innovative terminal to operate in the financial markets.

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Switzerland hit by price of gold

October 18, 2017

Switzerland hit by the price of gold

Monday trading gold has lost
1.73% of the price, and at 10.36 MSK traded at
$ 1 155.10 per troy ounce.
The main reason for this decline – in
the results of yesterday’s referendum
Switzerland. It nationals
voted against the proposal
oblige a national regulator to keep
at least 20% of its assets in gold

would the law was passed, the central bank of Switzerland
I would have been forced to triple reserves
his gold by buying a half thousand
tons of gold. For comparison – the annual
the rate of global gold production is
3000 tons, that is, in the case of adoption of the law
Switzerland would have to buy out
half of annual global production, spending
this $ 72 billion.

end gold is very much cheaper
due to the fact that it became clear that in the near future
time record demand from
Switzerland will not happen.

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Top 10 largest Russian IPO

October 17, 2017

Top 10 largest Russian IPO

recently edition
“Vesti-finance” has compiled a list
the largest Russian IPO
companies. Headed “Rosneft” list
– the cost of shares sold during the

Let’s see what the company
go after her.

1. The largest IPO – at
“Rosneft” company. she spent
initial public offering in July 2006
the year in which sold 14.8% stake for $ 10.7 billion.
In addition to that, this arrangement was
leader in the number of participating in
it ordinary citizens – more than 115 thousand.
Russians. As a result, the state’s share in the Tax Code
“Rosneft” has fallen to 75.2%. Recall,
This week, Prime Minister allowed
sell another 19.5% of shares of “Rosneft”.

2. The People’s IPO of VTB Bank.
He in 2007 became the first Russian
Banks spent IPO. volume
funds from the placement amounted to $ 8 billion.
Publicly placed 22,5% stake again
on the two exchanges – the London and Moscow.
In Russia, more than 120 thousand. Citizens participated
in the redemption of shares.

3. UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska.
A major manufacturer of aluminum in January
2010 posted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
10.6% of the shares for $ 2.24 billion.

4. Russian developer
PIK created Kirill Pisarev and
Yuriem Zhukovym. He held an IPO in
May 2007, which placed the shares at $ 1.93

5. Mobile Operator
communication “Megaphone”, which in November 2012
year posted on the London Stock Exchange
15.2% of the shares for $ 1.83 billion.

6. AFK “System“. Company
completed an IPO in February 2005
of the year. Then sold on the London Stock Exchange
16.5% of the company for $ 1.56 billion.

7. “Yandex”. IPO held
in May 2011, on the stock exchange NASDAQ, the placement volume
– 16% of shares for $ 1.4 billion.

8. Development Company
AFI Development. The company raised $ 1.4 billion in
During the initial public offering in May 2007
on the London Stock Exchange.

9. TCS Group Holding. In October
2013 Oleg Tinkoff posted on
London Stock Exchange, the shares of this holding,
control TCS-bank. During the IPO was
It attracted $ 1.09 billion.

10. TMK
Company Dmitry Pumpyansky. TMK
IPO on the stock exchanges in
London and Moscow in October 2006. volume
Accommodation – 20.62% stake for $ 1 billion.

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Picasso Daytrader

October 16, 2017

picasso Daytrader

picasso Daytrader – It is a unique indicator that shows the possibilities for intraday trading on any chart and timeframe.

Entering the market.

  • Open a long position if the arrow appears at the minimum candle.
  • Open short positions, if the pointer appears on the maximum candle.
  • Wait until the close of the candle, and the terminal will give an alert.

Input parameters

  • Frequency – The frequency for a small value will appear more signals. At a high value will appear smaller signals.
  • send_Mail – Enable / disable sending messages via e-mail
  • Audible_Alerts – Enable / disable the supply of audio signals
  • Push_Notifications – Enable / disable sending push-notification


  • As a rule, this indicator not for trade with the trend, so it is recommended to use a tight trailing stop.

If you have any questions, send me a private message!

Good pips!

picasso Daytrader

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RSI Multiplier

October 16, 2017

RSI Multiplier

RSI Multiplier“- this is a fully automated robot short (M1 / M5) and the medium (H1 / H4) trade.

Tight spreads are not required!

Advisor is using a strategy Relative Strength Index (Relative Strength Index, RSI) in combination with martingale.

RSI Advisor automatically analyzes the RSI values. Every time when RSI comes out overbought, crossing a predetermined upper level, the robot will automatically open levels for sale. The lot size will increase exponentially, it is possible to adjust the multiplier. If RSI part of the oversold zone, all open orders on closing the sale. This strategy is used for both long and short trades.

basic setup advisor already sharpened for the currency pair EURUSD (M5). Please test the settings that are best suited for the selected timeframe. When properly configured, and sufficient initial deposit, you will be able to get a profit on any timeframe, symbol and even high spreads.


  1. Advisor is optimized for EURUSD (M5).
  2. It recommended before starting work test your custom settings.
  3. You can work on any market (Indices, forex, …).
  4. you can use any timeframe.


  • Enable_Trading – permit trade.
  • RSI_Layer – RSI layers of equal distances from the lower and upper edge
  • RSI_Period – the number of bars for the calculation of RSI
  • Maxtrades – the maximum number of simultaneously open trades
  • Multiplier – the lot multiplier for Martingale deals
  • TradingStartTime – hour start trading robot
  • TradingEndTime – hour trading robot end
  • Moneymanagement – true = permit increase of the initial lot size at each level 0-6
  • Level_0 – if the amount of equity less “Level_0”, the first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots specified in the “StartLots”
  • Level_1 – if the amount of equity less “Level_1” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • Level_2 – if the amount of equity less “Level_2” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • Level_3 – if the amount of equity less “Level_3” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • Level_4 – if the amount of equity less “Level_4” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • Level_5 – if the amount of equity less “Level_5” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • Level_6 – if the amount of equity less “Level_6” first transaction will always be opened with the number of lots, equal to the volume of the previous second transaction
  • StartLot – a minimum lot size of each of the first transaction hedging Group
  • Lot_decimal – number of decimal places in the lot size
  • Stopout_percentage – the percentage of the account balance, which can reduce the amount of own funds until all open transactions are closed.
  • MagicNumber – unique magic number adviser

RSI Multiplier


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Example of working with indicator Combining two

October 13, 2017

Example of working with indicator | Combining the two indicators

Knowing that many people do not easily understand the indicator
margin requirements and banking information system, we have come up with a simple
indicator, which helps you to focus on the market with a probability of more than
80%. I think there should be fewer words, so just watch.

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Angry Breakout

October 11, 2017

Angry Breakout

Angry Breakout – Auto Advisor to trade in the Forex market. The strategy is based on a breakthrough price levels Zigzag. The installation of a trailing stop, start and move, as well as the way out. If you disable a trailing stop output is produced at take-profit. This robot works on EURUSD H1. Set your risks by setting a fixed item or allow to determine the lot size of capital management.

Monitoring real account


  • Always use pending orders (buy / sell stop)
  • Each transaction is protected by a stop order
  • Martingale, grid, hedging is not used.
  • It works on the EURUSD long history with just one setting.
  • It does not require significant start-up capital
  • Selectable fixed item, the value of the divider and the percentage of risk.

Testing History

  • EURUSD H1 from January 2014 to December 2015 (2 years) from $ 100 to $ 7000 in determining the size of the lot money management system and the separator of 1000


  • ALLOW_BUY – turn on / off orders to buy
  • ALLOW_SELL – enable / disable sell orders
  • monday_begin_time – start time on Monday at a specified time xx: xx
  • friday_end_time – delete all orders on Friday at a specified time xx: xx
  • maxSpread – not to sell in excess of a specified spread in points
  • wait_normalSpread_in_Seconds – start trading in XX seconds after the return to normal spread
  • LOT_MODE – choose the lot size mode fixed_LotSize, BalanceDivider and Risk_Percent
  • fixed_LotSize – fixed lot
  • BalanceDivider – the value of the lot size of the separator
  • Risk_Percent – lot size of percentage value risk
  • price_offset – shift from high / low candles on xx points (- / +)
  • TP – Take Profit in points
  • SL – the initial stop-loss points
  • Smart_SL – enable / disable the setting and change the level of stop-loss based on the support / resistance levels
  • Smart_TP – enable / disable setting take-profit level based on the support / resistance levels
  • Days_SmartTP_SupRes: The number of days before the current date to calculate the support / resistance levels using smart_tp
  • Smart_Exit: enable / disable the output of the transaction on a signal when it detects a false breakout
  • TrailingStop – move the trailing stop on xx points after activation. When 0 is off
  • Trailing_step – set a trailing stop in points
  • Trailing_Start_from – minimum profit in points, at which the trailing stop is triggered
  • Magic_number – a unique number for each chart
  • ZZ_depth – parameter indicator ZigZag
  • ZZ_dev – parameter indicator ZigZag


  • Use Advisor score and ECN broker with stop level = 0 and spreads from 0 pips
  • It works better on EURUSD H1
  • If you need a higher percentage of income and an acceptable percentage of drawdown, I propose to use the definition of the lot size money management system at your own risk.
  • The configuration file is not available for users. You can also use the default settings advisor.
  • You can test Angry Breakout Advisor free!

Angry Breakout


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Weakening yen pushed Japanese stocks to growth

October 10, 2017

Weakening yen pushed Japanese stocks to growth

Nikkei closed at a seven-year
maximum, having strengthened by 1.85%. this helped
two main factors: a weak yen and
Strong statistics. currently
torque (14.50 MSK) USDJPY traded
at the level of 119.73?,
losing 0.59%.

has published statistics that
showed that orders for Japanese
high-tech equipment rose
in December, more than expected. it
It shows that companies are willing to spend,
despite the April tax hike
sales, which pushed the economy
the country into recession. Due to such
unexpected good news,
reduce the negative effects
by doubts about the European stability
financial system.

Okumura, general manager,
Research Chibagin
Asset Management, says
in this regard: “Despite the fact that the
Europe, there is a situation of uncertainty,
Japanese corporations grow revenues.
Appetite for risk increases. ”

Canon paper
1.7% as investors reacted to the news
Axis plans to purchase the Swedish network.

indices also rose: Shanghai
Composite added
0.5%; Hang Seng
0.44%. Their Australian counterpart after
Labor market statistics weak weak:
S P / ASX lost
0.44%. Kospi

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October 9, 2017



  • Support for creating monthly, weekly, daily, four-hour, hour and thirty-minute profiles.
  • Day has adjustable startup time.
  • Merging and separation market profiles.
  • The anchor point of the profile can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

Item display

  • Indicator Update Interval – calculation period indicator from 250 milliseconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Indicator Setting ID – The identifier for the current settings display.
  • Profile Number – The number of displayed market profiles.
  • Profile Type – Profile Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).
  • Data PeriodTimeframe of data used to create a market profile.
  • Day Start Time – The start time for the daily profile.
  • Row Size in Pips – Tick ​​for the calculation of TPO.
  • IB Numbar – The number of bars for the calculation of the opening balance sheet.
  • Mode Histogram – Using the profile as a histogram or TPO.
  • Hide Chart – Hide or display schedule candles / bars.
  • TPO Font Name – font name to display the TPO.
  • Color Scheme – Selecting a preset color scheme, or user-specified.
  • TPO Color – Color TPO, specified by the user.
  • Histogram Color – The color specified by the user of the histogram.
  • Value Area Color – Color region specified by the user values.
  • POC Color – Color POC, specified by the user.
  • Initial Balance Color – The color of the initial balance specified by the user.
  • Enable Data Export to Global Variables – The inclusion of these exports in the global variables.
  • Global Variables Prefix – Prefix for the global variables.
  • Profile Data to Export – Export data (global variables) created this profile or the profile of the last EOD.



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Press conference Putin president will answer

October 6, 2017

Press conference Putin: the president will answer questions for as long as deemed necessary

(In a row) big press conference
Vladimir Putin will take place live
in Moscow today. unusual
is its background – large
financial and economic problems together
with the worsening international situation.
Journalists and spectators are looking forward to this

ITAR-TASS reports that
no regulation of the press conference
does not exist. “Putin will meet
the questions as much as it considers
fit, “said presidential press secretary
Dmitry Peskov. By the way, the longest
I had a meeting with journalists in 2008
(4 hours and 40 minutes), in the past year – a little
more than four hours.

Order of conduct
a large press conference has not changed:
"The press conference is the press secretary,
but at some point the president takes
decision to take the job himself and himself
chooses to ask questions. when this
the time comes, I do not know"- he admitted

The right to question the president
are all 1259 accredited
correspondents. In addition to Russian
Journalists will be foreign – for
They specially made MFA visa and
accreditation. For example, there will be representatives
Media from Japan, USA, Iran, Germany,
France, Romania, Belarus, Sweden,
Israel, China, Denmark, France, Abkhazia,
Poland, Azerbaijan, Vietnam,
Great Britain.

The main topics of course,
– it is the economic situation in the country
and the international situation. Putin
It explains what is happening with the ruble, with
prices and talk about the measures that
making the Russian leadership.

Press conference
will begin today, December 18, at 12:00 pm
Moscow time.

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