July 16, 2018


Indicator FastPipsBounce – ready-made solution for trading, scalping tactics appropriate for short time frames with small values ​​of StopLoss and TakeProfit.

The indicator on the chart represents the pre-start area of ​​a possible trade monochrome appearance of the rectangle – green for shopping and red for sales. This event will also be confirmed by audible and visual warning. With the advent of new bars over- or under them will appear in a number of auxiliary arrow indicating the preferred direction of trade, calculated indicator. It is important to understand that the very rectangle and the arrow are not a signal to trade, but only as a warning that trade should take place in the near future.

Trading signal comes from the appearance at the opening of the current bar is a large red arrow for sales or green shopping. Also at this time the rectangle will change its color to a double and the level of its High and Low will StopLoss and TakeProfit levels for the current transaction. These levels are specified by the user in the display settings. The emergence of a trading signal is confirmed audible and visual warning. After the exhaust signal may appear more arrows in the same direction of the trade, as the first. They can also be taken as a valid trade signals, but will need to have to rely on their own StopLoss and TakeProfit. As a rule, they should already be less than in the trade at the first signal.

Indicator FastPipsBounce complex structure, but incredibly easy to use. All its signals are evident and unambiguous. Arrows appear at the opening of a new bar and never redraw, do not change their position, and not be wasted. All the default settings are configured on the M5 timeframe. But every trader should set them up according to your trading plan and their own preferences.

Item display

  • Setup TakeProfit – setting take-profit in pips.
  • Setup StopLoss – installation of stop loss in pips.
  • QuarterBack – Sensitivity indicator (rough). The optimal values ​​of from 13 to 29.
  • Range – Sensitivity indicator (thin). The optimal values ​​of from 0.2 to 1.6
  • Scope – Extrema search range. The optimal values ​​of from 55 to 90.
  • Bars to calculate – the number of bars for the calculation. Optimally from 1,000 bars.
  • AlertsMessage – reports of indicator signals (True-On. \ False-off.).
  • AlertsSound – sound indicator signals (True-On. \ False-off.).
  • AlertsEmail – sending e-mail messages about the LEDs (True-On. \ False-off.).
  • AlertsMobile – Push-messages (True-On. \ False-off.).
  • SignalArrow gap – distance from the arrow to the High-Low of the current bar (in pips).
  • arrow size – the size of the arrow.
  • SideArrow color UP and DN – color overlapping arrows.
  • SignalArrow color BUY and SELL – color signal arrows.
  • Prep Box color UP and DN – color-color boxes for pre-signals.
  • Signal Box color TP and SL – color two-color boxes for the stop-loss and take-profit.


At the time of the release of important news, as well as strong and continuous movements to use the indicator with caution. It is based on search for other potential short-term reversal of the market and the best use of his slabovolatilnyh pairs in the absence of news releases and pronounced protracted trend.


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Simple Patterns

July 13, 2018

Simple Patterns

You are an experienced user of advisers? Do you know that

  • Trading on the grid / martigneyl often show the yield curve, confidently going up, but sooner or later destroy the expense?
  • Large volumes of transactions at high-frequency trading are undesirable because even minor network latency / loss of communication with the brokerage server may result in significant losses?
  • MT4 testing results on larger timeframes are very different from the results of testing on the M1?


  • Do not hedge, not net, not martingale without pyramiding and high-frequency trading
  • At the same time opens Only one deal the stop-loss and take-profit with a frequency of once every 3-4 days
  • The exact calculation of the entry point using the ATR and the price action (price action)
  • It works on any timeframe, data symbol interval, and
  • Testing shows the history of the best results on the EURUSD, GBPUSD for more than 10-year period. To trade with another character necessary to select settings


  • Test Advisor to the smallest timeframe (M1)
  • You can close orders manually, but this is not recommended, because it violates the rules adopted when testing advisor in the tester and may affect its operation (in fact, if the history of testing showed a good result, the need to manually close orders not)
  • Trade is associated with a loss. It must be taken. Be terpelivymmi and risk only money that you can afford to lose
  • Advisor can be tested on different timeframes, data ranges and symbols, but for each character you need to find the best value take-profit / stop loss / trailing stop and bezubytka for the most efficient trade (using optimization in the strategy tester)


EA does not make you rich in an instant. The robot puts realistic goals and the level of stop-loss. The percentage value on the transaction risk adjusted.


Intended only for EURUSD.

  • Magic Number – magic number, which allows the adviser to distinguish their orders
  • Fixed Lot Size – fixed lot size, default 0.01
  • Risk% (0-100, 0 – disabled) – the default 0. > 0, lot size varies depending on the size of the account in%. Automatically cancels the option Fixed Lot Size
  • Stop Loss (pips) – stop-loss, default = 40 40 pips (for GBPUSD default value 50)
  • Take Profit (pips) – takeprofit, default 300 = 300 pips (for GBPUSD default value 320)
  • Trailing Stop (pips) – trailing stop 95 default = 95 pips (GBPUSD for the default value of 90)
  • Break Even (pips) – breakeven default = 0 0 pips (GBPUSD for the Default value is also 0)
  • Slippage (pips) – slip default 3 = 3 pips
  • Partial Close% (0-100, 0 – disabled) – the default is 0, at > 0 warrants partially closed if the price > Partial Close Trigger (pips)
  • Partial Close Trigger (pips) – partial closure orders, default 0 (in pips)
  • Avoid Weekend Entry – not to enter into transactions on the weekend, Default True
  • Enable CoolDownOnNextTrade – break between the close of the previous transaction and the opening of the next
  • CoolDownMinutesOnNextTrade – break duration in minutes, default 60

Simple Patterns

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ExpGame Racer

July 12, 2018

ExpGame Racer

ExpGame Racer – exciting game for the MetaTrader 4 terminal

  • goal of the game – collect as many coins of different denominations. In this case, you should not touch other cars.
  • life – You have 3 lives!
  • Time – Each round lasts 3 minutes.
  • Complexity – The more rounds behind – the higher the speed in subsequent rounds. 

Go through as many rounds – take a screenshot of their victory, and attach to the discussion!

The purpose of creating this game – to explore new possibilities of language, on the other hand.

The terminal is not intended for gaming? Maybe, but they had not been banned.

You can play on your PSP or XBOX or PC games with cool graphics, sound, a twisted sense. But let us remember 8bit. It draws so far.

ExpGame Racer

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Brent crude oil reaching five week low

July 11, 2018

Brent crude oil reaching a five-week low

Brent crude fell
to a minimum for the last 5 weeks:
supply situation in the Middle East
adjusted, and the termination of the oil
the flow is not expected. So on the morning
In London (ICE Exchange)
August futures first
It fell to $ 107.77, however,
then rose slightly by 0.3% to $ 107.95.

Futures become cheaper:
Oil production in Libya grew stronger
than expected and productivity
deposit is restored
at a good pace. Weighs on prices also
The situation in Iraq seems to be on the
there the fields will not affect
Political tensions in the country.

WTI crude oil, then on the New York
Mercantile Exchange, August futures
now cost $ 101.80 for
barrel, also showing a decline. On this
impact evidence that volumes
of gasoline in the United States rose
at 0.6 million barrels, although experts with
the beginning of the summer holiday car
season predicted a decrease of 0.3 million
barrels. This added momentum to
decline in futures prices.

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Play against dollar and win

July 10, 2018

Play against the dollar and win

Over the past few decades, the dollar its fame as the world’s reserve currency. Foreign investors and central banks to buy dollars and debt securities issued by the US government, assuming that the dollar is the dominant world currency and profit on dollar investments will be ensured thanks to the power of the American economy. In general, these assumptions proved correct, although investors should not forget that the currencies are traded like shares and other financial instruments, that is, from time to time periods of growth alternating with periods of falling.

Thus, despite the high demand for the dollar in the world of investments, sometimes the US currency is experiencing some difficulties. However, the depreciation of the dollar – not a reason to panic. Experienced investors can take advantage of the temporary weakness of the US currency, and profit from it. Moreover, over time, ways to earn on the decline of the dollar is growing.

What to do when the dollar falls

In general, there are several key features of the upcoming fall
dollar. In general, they include a steady decline in the Fed interest rates, public debt growth and higher commodity prices, particularly gold and oil.

The falling dollar, after all, often results in other key growth
currency, which is associated with switching to them the attention of investors.
For example, the dollar’s decline in the amount of exports to the growth and acceleration
Japan’s economy is driving demand for the yen.

On the other hand, if the US economy is a period of stagnation, and
Europe and Britain “in bloom and smell”, the role of safe haven can take
the euro and the pound. Furthermore, as an option for investment
you can see the Swiss franc. Although Switzerland is in Europe,
the country is not part of the euro zone and likely never will.
In addition, the Swiss government along with central bank
It is making every effort to support the franc at a high
level in relation to other currencies. For example, in April 2011
the Swiss franc was the fifth most popular currency in the world after the euro,
the yen, the pound and the “Aussie”.

What patterns is necessary “to know in person”

Tracking the fluctuations of the dollar? Do not lose sight of the raw material assets

Given that most of the raw materials is quoted in dollars,
to understand where the US currency moves, investors need to monitor
fluctuation of several types of raw materials. For example, the increase in oil prices usually
It leads to a decrease in the dollar, as the purchasing power
in this case the dollar melts. To protect against falling dollar
terms “bull” market of raw materials, pay attention to the commodity currencies to
which include the Canadian and Australian dollars.

Rising prices of precious metals such as gold, for example, go to
benefit “Australian”. The Canadian dollar benefited from higher prices for

Another of the options is the commodity currencies, the Brazilian real. AT
2011 Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy.
The country is rich in natural resources, especially oil.

Huge choice of options when earnings fall in the dollar

Trading on the foreign exchange market may not be so simple occupation:
The fact that the daily volume of foreign exchange trading volume exceeds
transactions in the US securities market. investors need
to understand that trading in Forex, they can lose a lot more than
invested. For most the best option would be to leave it
professionals and look for other options to profit from falling
dollar. Fortunately, opportunities abound for this.

Alternatively, you can pay attention to the dollar index, which
It reflects the performance of the greenback versus a basket of major currencies. Index
updated around the clock, seven days a week and is traded on the
The New York Mercantile Exchange.

In addition, there is a sea of ​​mutual funds that follow the
foreign bonds or open short positions in the dollar against the
other currencies. These funds give investors the chance to diversify
portfolio, it does not get a headache in the form of need
continuous monitoring of daily fluctuations of currencies.

Shares of both foreign and national companies open
additional possibility of earning on the dollar fall. If the forecast
shares of the US market pessimistic, there are a number of ways
it is advantageous to use. Undoubtedly, there are American
actions that could benefit from a falling dollar. major international
companies that operate in foreign markets, while reducing the win
dollar at an exchange earned abroad pounds or, for example,
yen. These companies include Procter Gamble, General
Electric and PepsiCo.


Investors do not always suffer from a decrease in the dollar quotes.
There is a huge number of possibilities to protect their investment, and
effective hedging can be not only protection, but also a source of
arrived. In addition, the global economy has a number of global
features that allow investors to sleep during periods of dollar decline
a little calmer.

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Divergence MTF

July 9, 2018

Divergence MTF

Multiple timeframe indicator of divergence / convergence Divergence MTF

This indicator displays readings discrepancy price chart and copyright indicators from multiple timeframes.

For convenience, added up arrow for shopping and the down arrow to sales. Also this indicator can be used to evidence the beginning of a trend reversal or deep correction (using the time frames from D1 and up).

I and the team have long used the divergence to trade in the forex market, and they proved to be only on the positive side.

Attention! The indicator is not redrawn after the restart signals of the terminal are not changed.


  • Periods to find divergence – The choice of timeframes for display on the chart, is placed over the sign “;”
  • Show arrows on the chart – Display arrows on the chart
  • CCI Period – Period indicator CCI
  • T3 Period – indicator Period T3
  • Position on chart – Location indicator on the chart
  • Font size – The size of the text display
  • colorUp – The color of the up arrow
  • colorDown – Color down arrow
  • Color Inside Bar – The color of the arrow (in a strong signal)
  • alerts – Turning popup window when the signal
  • Sound – Sound when the signal

Divergence MTF

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Gold rises in price again and black gold cheaper

July 6, 2018

Gold rises in price again, and black gold – cheaper

On Thursday, gold futures rose in Asian trading on the Mercantile Exchange Comex.

So, gold futures for August delivery traded at $ 1.330,30 an ounce.

There’s also silver trading
at $ 21.228 per troy
oz and copper (both metals – with the supply
in September) was trading at $ 3,250
per pound.

In turn, the “black
gold “- oil – yesterday became cheaper again
because fears that the conflict in Iraq
will lead to a reduction in the supply of the country,
reduced. Oil thus continues
to lose in price.

Following the auction, July 9
Oil futures of WTI
August delivery on the exchange NYMEX fell
to $ 102.29. Futures for Brent crude on
Exchange ICE fell to $ 108.28 per barrel.

Today, the “black gold”
It continues to lose value after the appearance
Data from the US Department of Energy
an increase in gasoline stocks amid falling
demand for oil nego.Seychas
WTI traded at
101.79, oil Brent –
at the level of 108.13.

according to
US Department of Energy, gasoline inventories rose
last week to 579 thousand barrels. –
to 214.3 million barrels. Bloomberg News
informs that according to analysts
may reduce the reserves by 400 thousand.

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Short term extremum

July 5, 2018

Short term extremum

The indicator identifies and marks the chart short-term lows and highs of the market in accordance with the definition given by Larri Vilyamsom in his book “Long-term secrets of short-term trading.”

“Every time there is a daily low with higher lows on both sides of it, that at least the short-term. We know this because the study of market behavior shows that prices fell in the day to a minimum, and then could not pass below and turned up, noting that at least the final as the short-term the lowest value highest maximum short-term market -.. the same thing, only the other way around where we will see a maximum of lower highs on both sides of him, this suggests that prices podnyalis. s up to the top in the middle of the day, and then began to move down, and during the movement formed a short-term maximum. For our purposes in the identification of short-term turning points (swing points) we just ignore the “internal” days and made them possible short-term turning point. “

In the case of forming the short-term maximum indicator will display red arrow “down” above the central bar forming the pivot point. Green arrow “up” appears under the reversal point upwards. The signal is considered to be formed after the close of the last bar on the chart.

Larri Vilyams recommends to buy or sell an asset at the opening price of the next bar after the formation of a trading signal, setting a stop loss above (below) the local maximum (minimum).

Trading signals swing points are good filters and amplifiers for the other trading strategies.


  • Draw uncompleted signals – true – allowed plotting the arrows on the preliminary trading signals on the uncovered period. false – preliminary trading signals uncapped prohibited period.
  • MA period – the period of moving average with respect to which signals formed trade local extrema
  • MA Method – choose the type of moving average

Short term extremum

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Fast Switching Symbols Periods Keyboard MT5

July 4, 2018

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Keyboard MT5

The indicator allows to quickly switch from one instrument to another, from one time period to another with the keyboard. Each team has its own hot key A-Z (large or small letters does not matter) and VK_OEM_COMMA on the keyboard is a symbol of “<“VK_OEM_PERIOD and the keyboard is a symbol of”>”.

This will help you to use the maximum number of instruments from the list of your broker, to analyze in less time increasing the number of tools / periods.

You can keep the default template has the add button, and then they will automatically be openable in a new chart.

You can also see information about the current instrument: spread (in real time), swap, swaprollover3day, stoplevel, freezelevel.


  • START_PERIOD – time period, which offers new tools (by pressing Next_Symbol, Prev_Symbol, New_List).
  • Already_Open_Symbol – if the value is NO (when pressed Next_Symbol, Prev_Symbol, New_List) and if the next tool to be opened, but it is open at what the other sheet, it will not be opened and will be opened next following.
  • color_Label – color signatures on the graph of the current character / time period.

Description of the actions that perform keyboard shortcuts:

Each action can be assigned to a hot key A-Z (large or small letters does not matter) and VK_OEM_COMMA on the keyboard is a symbol of “<“VK_OEM_PERIOD and the keyboard is a symbol of”>”.

  • New List (default L) – Creates a new worksheet with the following tools in order (on the list of market survey) and switch to the new sheet.
  • Info Symbol (default I) – opens the panel with information about this tool:
    • FreezeLevel – the level of freezing orders in points;
    • StopLevel – the distance from the price in points, which can not be set closer to the warrant;
    • Spread – (Spread is updated in real time);
    • Swap – long / Short;
    • SwapRollOver3Days – day triple charging Swap.
  • Prev_Symbol (default <) – switches on the instrument (shown in the list overview of the market) following the order from the bottom – up (if the instrument first, then switches to the last, so there is a switch in a circle).
  • Next_Symbol (default >) – switches on the instrument (shown in the list overview of the market) following the order from the top – down (if the instrument is the latter, then switches to the first one, so there is a switch in a circle).
  • Period_Down (default Z) – toggles the time period from the largest to smallest (month – minute).
  • Period_Up (default X) – changes a time period from smaller to larger (minute – month).

Fast Switching Symbols Periods Keyboard MT5


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Situation on European stock markets

July 2, 2018

The situation on the European stock markets

European stocks fell today for the fourth day in a row. Meanwhile, US index futures little changed, while Asian markets closed in the red zone.


Stoxx Europe 600 Index slid down by 0.3% to 339.15. Yesterday indicator managed to retreat to 1.4% after it reduced its profit forecast for Air France-KLM Group. Futures S P 500 lost a little less than 0.1%, and MSCI goes by as much 0.7%.

Swiss bank Luzerner
Kantonalbamk, Benno Galliker, expressed
opinion that these changes can
be the biggest in the summer. Highly
it is important to wait for the publication of “minutes”
US Federal Government, the
Moreover, in the financial media have already run
rumors about the possible aggressive actions.


The second largest
in the world of catering company Sodexo
reduced its projected
revenues: increase will be with
2.2% to 2.5% instead of 3% promised. its shares
It fell by 3.2% and is now estimated at 76.45

shares of British
car insurer Admiral
Group Plc collapsed and fell back down to the
November minimum in 2012. They
lost 5.3%. However, according to the
Representatives of the company are still
see the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of
signs of growth returning to the insurance

In the south of Europe
reign is not very good mood.
Thus, the shares of holding the Lisbon
Portugal Telecom SCPS SA fell by 7%
(Up to 1.97 Euro).

but grown
shares of the second largest in Europe
Loukostera-airline EasyJet
Plc. They gained 2.2%, after the statement
that later this month
publish its report, which promises
I am quite optimistic.

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