Screencast Maks Kayzer People plates and Economic

January 19, 2018

Screencast: Maks Kayzer. People-plates and an Economic Hit Man

The economy, the reality – it is a nightmare, as they say in the news? giant parasites

In this video tutorial presenters of the program “Review of Max Keizer” talk about how people have witnessed a revolution of social consciousness. Then what
transformation taking place today in the social and spiritual spheres, in that
It transformed the global economy, and how the face of the crowd in this XXI century. In
the second part of the transmission guest – the author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” John Perkins
– reflects how formed mental attitudes of modern man.


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AC Chart Indicator

January 18, 2018

AC Chart Indicator

Indicator displays the graph signals Accelerator Oscillator (AC) according to the Bill Williams strategy.

Histogram AU – a 5-period simple moving average, plotted on a difference between the value of the histogram 5/34 AO and 5-period simple moving average, taken from this histogram.

Interpretation of the AC based on the following rules – if the AC is above the zero line, it is believed that the market will continue to accelerate the upward movement. The same rule applies for downward movement, if the AC is below the zero line. market growth signals confirmed by two green indicator bars (coming one after the other), when AC is above the zero line. An indication of the market decline are two red bars (one by one), when AC is below the zero line.

An aggressive approach to interpreting AC

When the AC is on the opposite side of the zero line (for a long position – below the zero line, and vice versa, in the case of short positions), an additional bar is necessary to confirm the movement of the market. As a result, when the AC is below the zero line, the possibility of opening a long position, must be at least three green bars that appear one after the other below the zero line, and vice versa, in the case of short positions.

1. Signals to buy arise when:

  • value of the indicator above the zero line and it grows at the current bar and the previous;
  • value of the indicator below the zero line and it grows at the current bar and the previous two.

2. Signals for sale arise when:

  • indicator value and below the zero line is reduced by the previous and current bar;
  • indicator value is above the zero line and reduces it on the current bar and the previous two.

AC Chart Indicator

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Iraq has reduced price of oil after Saudi Arabia

January 16, 2018

Iraq has reduced the price of oil after Saudi Arabia

the oil
real market price war. following
for Saudi Arabia’s export prices
Iraq oil decreased. Such actions of the country
We began after the fall of futures for Brent
to four-year low.
At the same time oil WTI
It continues to become cheaper.

In terms of
oil, Iraq has the second
place, the country has reduced the prices for November
Basrah Light grade shipments to Asia and Europe.
This was reported today by the state-owned company
State Oil Marketing Co. Last week, oil
Brent futures were down 3.6%, and the brand
WTI during today’s session, fell by

Futures on the benchmark
crude oil falling on the background of falling
demand and increasing reserves and production in the
United States, Russia and other countries. In response to
is the largest OPEC producers
lower prices, showing their willingness to
to fight for market share.

Brent crude for delivery
November is now trading at
$ 89.18 per barrel, WTI – at $ 84.50 per

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January 16, 2018


MyNewsTrader – a powerful fully automatic Advisor trading during news release.

Thanks to the wide setting, you can specify your own strategy adviser to the trade market, or stop-limit orders, using advanced-profit purposes and different types of trailing.

It is designed to work on a “set and forget”. That is, you do not need to specify the time of publication of news for trading. However, it is possible to use Advisor for manual trading – it user-friendly keys on the graph.

The Advisor is integrated in the scanner matches the search headlines. When a match is found, EA trades on the found area.


  1. It is important to choose a good broker, because many brokers much widen the spread at the time of the news release, thereby reducing the possibility of earnings.
  2. Use VPS server close to your broker to trade with the best price and execution time.
  3. Limitations on FIFO? Change the value ‘Order count per side’ parameter 1



General settings

  • Order comments – comment on the orders
  • Magicnumber – the magic number, 0 = autogenerate
  • Broker to GMT offset hours – an important setting for time shift GMT broker. For example: if the time broker -2 to 2 hours behind GMT.
  • Maximum spread allowed – the maximum spread, 0 = any.
  • Slippage – allowable slippage, 0 = any.
  • Trade direction – the direction of trade:
    • purchase
    • sale
    • both directions
  • Order type – the type of order
    • marketorders – market
    • stoporders – stops
    • limitorders – Limit
  • Ecn method – addition levels stop loss / take profit only after the warrant market will
  • Stealth orders – hide sl / tp of the broker can also be used in limiting stop layer broker;

news settings

  • Include High impact – turn on the news with high importance
  • Include Medium impact – turn on the news to the average importance
  • Include Low impact – turn on the news with a low importance
  • Include USD news – to include events for USD, even if the current character does not include the USD
  • TradeEventStr – search for matches in the headlines for the trade. For example: “FOMC, CPI, Retail Sales”. To enable all the news, leave blank.
  • SkipEventStr – search for matches in the headlines, which do not need to trade. For example: “speaks, Speaks, Conference”. To disable the filter, leave blank.
  • Show newstime verticle lines – time news show vertical lines on the graph.
  • Open orders +/- seconds to newstime – the number of seconds before or after the news for opening an order. For example: -5 – advisor expose the order of 5 seconds before the news.

trade Preferences

  • Order counter per side – the number of exhibited orders above and below the price. It works only if you selected and stop-limit orders.
  • First order distance / entry – the distance from the price in points for the first installation of a pending order. Or the number of points which must pass the price for opening a market order.
  • Order to order distance – the distance between the orders in points.
  • Delete pending order after seconds – Number of seconds after which to delete a pending order or cancellation rynochnyys
  • Stoploss – stop loss, 0 = do not use
  • Takeprofit – take profit, 0 = do not use
  • First target – the first profit-target, 0 = not used. If disabled, use take profit
  • First target partitial close percentage – Percentage of the transaction to close when the first profit target
  • First target move to Breakeven – enable / disable moving order to breakeven after the first profit target
  • Trailing distance – distance trailing (= 0 trailing stop disabled)
  • Trailing jump – trailing step (0 = disable)
  • Trailing candle – turn on / off the trailing mode last candle
  • Trailing fractal – turn on / off the trailing mode on a fractal
  • Trailing fractal and psar – turn on / off the trailing mode on a fractal and the indicator PSAR. Works only when the trailing mode on a fractal
  • Trailing indicator timeframe – timeframe for calculating values ​​when the trailing of the candle / fractal / psar
  • Breakeven – move stop-loss bezubytka zone after the number of items (0 = disabled)
  • Breakeven jump – fixing bezubytka profit after the number of items (0 = disabled)

Capital Management

  • Lots method – the method of money management
    • fixed_lots
    • margin_mm
    • risk_mm
  • Lots value – lot size or percentage depending on the value Lots_method

Tradetime settings – settings of trading time

  • Daily start hour – hour day beginning
  • Daily stop hour – hour graduation day
  • Monday start hour – hour start on Monday
  • Friday stop hour – hour graduation on Friday, will not accrue after this order of time
  • Friday close hour – close and delete all orders after this time on Friday


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European stocks rise in early trading

January 12, 2018

European stocks rise in early trading

29th of October. (Dow Jones). European stocks rise in early trading on Wednesday, focusing on the sharp growth of quotations on Wall Street in the previous session. Later during the day it will be made public statement after a meeting of the US Federal Reserve

The central bank is expected to announce the completion of the bond purchase program, known as quantitative easing, but it will indicate that interest rates will remain low for an extended period, that support the action.

“We expect the statement will indicate the tendency to preserve the loose monetary policy, and that is important in it, in our opinion, continue the phrase” considerable period “in regard to the current level of interest rates,” – said Riccardo Barbieri, chief expert of the European economy in Mizuho International in London.

Dzhozef Lavorna, chief expert on the US economy in the Deutsche Bank, says he expects “only cosmetic changes” in how the Fed assesses the situation in the economy, and its comments on the labor market may be a little more positive.

The press conference is foreseen, so that with time would change the wording of the Fed is likely to help judge the minutes of the meeting, which will be published on November 19 said Lavorna.

Coupled with a strong corporate reporting of this it was enough to make US stocks extended their winning streak to four sessions: Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 1,1%, S P 500 – by 1.2%.

Judging by the futures at the opening of trading on Wednesday S P 500 remains approximately constant.

Stoxx Europe 600 to the middle portion of the morning session increased by 0.3%, London FTSE 100 rose 0.5%, German and French CAC DAX added 0.7% and 0.2% respectively.

The euro traded broadly stable against the dollar at 1.2737 dollar, while the greenback fell slightly against the yen to 108.04 yen per dollar.

For the rest, the focus is corporate reporting in Europe. Investors have received both positive and negative surprises.

Shares of Dutch contractor Fugro NV fell by almost 25% after the group warned that its results in the second half of the year will be significantly lower than expected due to the rapid deterioration of market conditions, which leads to project delays, delays, cancellations and price pressure.

Meanwhile, shares in the Danish logistics company DSV AS rose by 4%, leading the growth in the composition Stoxx 600, after the company reported an increase in net profit in the 3rd quarter and said its annual operating profit will be at the upper limit of the forecast range.

Spanish lender Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA also reported a sharp increase in net profit in the 3rd quarter, while Deutsche Bank, the Norwegian oil company Statoil AS and the French Total SA reported disappointing quarterly results.

Shares of Sanofi SA fell by about 3% after the French pharmaceutical company fired CEO and warned of weak growth in unit antidiabetic drugs.

Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Jefferies worsened their recommendation for Sanofi shares. From the beginning, their value fell by more than 7%, and since the beginning of this month, a drop in prices exceeds 20%.

“We have recommended buying shares of Sanofi since they began to conduct research coverage on them in 2009, but it now believes that it is time to wait,” – noted the analysts of Deutsche Bank.

Brent crude oil prices increased by 0.4% to 86.43 dollars per barrel, while gold prices stabilized at the level of 1228.80 dollars per ounce.

Investors in the last days of withdrawal from this precious metal on the back of improved economic data and the recovery of equity markets after a rollback earlier this month.

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Bitcoin tuzemun

January 11, 2018

Bitcoin tuzemun?

I would be reticent)

What is Money2020 think they know very many. This is a young, but one of the largest financial summits, which every year more and more gaining momentum.

Will continue to be some of the statements, a set of facts, draw your own conclusions.

So, let’s begin.

At last year for the first time were representatives Money2020 kriptovalyutnogo directions, including Ripple. Representation was scarce.

Less than two months after the summit, the price of Bitcoin has grown almost 10 (!) Times.

This time the event is held to a much greater scale. Moreover, the summit will be a special section on the cryptocurrency called (Bit) coinWorld.

This year’s summit is held on November 2-5.

That’s all I wanted to say )

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DJIA US stocks continue to rise

January 10, 2018

DJIA: US stocks continue to rise

Major US stock indexes began the month with
a slight increase. Investors are waiting for the monthly US labor market report,
which will be published in the 12:30 (GMT). This report is extremely important in the evaluation of
prospects for the dollar and the US stock market, as the sustainability
the US economy, the largest in the world.

On Thursday, US stock indexes rose thanks
a series of positive macro data. According to a published report Thursday
US Department of Commerce, costs and incomes of Americans in July grew quite

expenditure price index for personal consumption (PCE) rose by
1.4% compared to the same period the previous year. Income Americans in July
It increased by 0.4% compared to June, which was the strongest growth since February.
Americans have a large amount of money in the next few
months in advance, which can have a positive impact on GDP growth.

ADP data for August, characterizing the level of
Employment in the private sector of the US economy, also came out better than expected,
indicating the labor market approaching full employment.

At the same time, there was controversial in the US economy
situation: the growth of consumer spending, coupled with a drop in unemployment
It indicates a fairly fast and stable economic growth. However, inflation
It is still slow, below Fed target level of 2%.

The labor market data block US investors in particular,
interest rate of wage growth, on which it will be possible to judge the
the prospects for monetary policy in the coming months. although unemployment
It is low and there is a stable job creation,
wages have long been rising at a moderate pace.

Due to low inflation space for rate hikes in
The Fed is running low.

According to futures on the federal funds that
monitors the CME Group, investors assess the probability of a rate hike by the end of
December 37%.

Yet, the general state of the US economy inspires
optimism, causing investors an incentive to buy higher-yielding riskier assets.
This is evidenced by many months
the bullish trend of the US stock market.

And if today’s publication of US labor market data
will also be a positive close to the estimates, the US
stocks continue to rise.

*) Advanced fundamental
analysis is presented on the company website
Tifia Forex Broker in

Support and resistance levels

DJIA maintains positive momentum and continues to grow
ascending channel on the daily chart, aspiring to the level of 22177.0 (highs of the year
and August).

Relevant long positions. Only in case of breakdown of important
Support levels 21800.0 (EMA200 on 4-hour chart), 21700.0 (EMA50 and
the lower line of the rising channel on the daily chart), you can revert to the
short positions on the DJIA.

Indicators OsMA and Stochastic on the 4-hourly, daily
charts are on the side of buyers.

In case of breaking the support level of 21700.0 can to reduce
become support levels 20750.0 (EMA200 on the daily chart), 20630.0 (level
Fibonacci 23.6% correction to an increase in the wave with the level of 15660.0 after recovery
in February this year to the slump in the markets since the beginning of the year. Maximum
this wave and Fibonacci level is 0% near the mark 22177.0). levels
20750.0, 20630.0 thus are key to long-term bovine
DJIA trend.

Support levels: 21800.0, 21700.0, 21500.0, 21300.0, 21000.0, 20750.0, 20630.0

Resistance Levels: 22060.0,
22177.0, 22300.0

trade scenarios

Buy Stop 22050.0. Stop-Loss 21950.0. Take-Profit 22177.0,
22300.0, 22350.0

Sell ​​Stop 21950.0. Stop-Loss 22050.0. Take-Profit 21800.0, 21700.0, 21500.0,
21300.0, 21000.0, 20750.0

*) Relevant and detailed
analytics and news on the forex market, see the company’s website
Tifia Forex Broker

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January 9, 2018


The indicator provides a statistical analysis of price changes (in points) in relation to the period of time (in bars), for which these changes occurred. He expects a full array of statistics for different time periods and price changes, and then shows the distribution of either price changes for a given interval in the bars or slots in the bars, which were needed to produce a given change in price.

It is important to note that the indicator always shows the number of times in history when there was a corresponding change in the context of pricing and bars; the only change is the cut itself, under which part of the data output from the matrix.


  • HistoryDepth – the number of bars for the construction statistics; default – 5000;
  • TimeDeltaBars – the desired interval in bars, for which statistics are displayed at various price changes; If greater than 0, and RangeDeltaPoints is 0 (default) display shows a histogram in which prices are changes in items on the vertical axis and the horizontal axis – the number of times that a specified interval in finished bars corresponding change rates; ; 10 – by default maximum value – 1000;
  • RangeDeltaPoints – the required change in price points, for which statistics are displayed at various intervals bars; If greater than 0, the indicator shows a histogram in which the intervals are in the bars and on the vertical axis, the horizontal axis – the amount of time specified price change happened during the same interval of the bars; Default – 0, which means that the priority setting TimeDeltaBars; maximum value – 2000 5-sign 200 4-mark;
  • MA – period SMA smoothing; Default – 11;
  • Offset – the number of bars to shift the statistical calculations on stories;

RangeDeltaPoints and TimeDeltaBars can not be equal to 0 at the same time. If RangeDeltaPoints not 0, the histogram is displayed in intervals of bars, regardless of the value TimeDeltaBars. If RangeDeltaPoints – 0 TimeDeltaBars It must be greater than 0, and displays a histogram of price changes.

The indicator may be used to detect the specificity of various tools and features for quotations stream. It also provides important information for the statistical prediction of future price changes – for example, the same matrix is ​​used in another related indicator – PriceProbablility.

The indicator used to calculate the price of open and redrawn by ticks.


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Ruble strengthened again Volatility has fallen

January 8, 2018

The ruble strengthened again. Volatility has fallen markedly

Russian financial market environment felt quite confident, although in the first place is, of course, it comes to the currency market.

It should be noted that the ruble trades today were pretty quiet during most of the day. For the first time in the last two weeks of volatility has been minimal, however, the curtain of the trading session, some surge still come. Almost simultaneously with the opening of the US session, the ruble began to strengthen and the dollar and the euro. Following the results of the substantive session of the ruble against the dollar has risen in price by 1.6% – to 45.60, while the euro has appreciated by 1.73% – to 56.88. Assign this behavior can be the dynamics in foreign markets where the commodity currency section also demonstrate strengthening: the Canadian and Australian dollars to the US grow by about 0.5%. While it is to predict the Russian currency is still very, very difficult.

In general we can say that the authorities have failed to pay off a panic on the currency market and may soon ruble fluctuations of 3% -4% per day will go down in history. By the way, that volatility is gradually reduced and said basic dynamics of interest rate swaps. In other words, the premium which the participants are willing to pay for the immediate delivery of currency declines. In the most "merry" the days of the past weeks, this premium reached 3%.

Today, the Bank of Russia published its review of foreign exchange asset management, and it has very interesting moments. For example, the euro’s share in international reserves actually exceeded the share of dollar. On the US currency accounts for 43.3% and 43.7% European. With respect to other currencies, then the Australian dollar of 1.1% of gold reserves, on the British pound – 9%, while the Canadian dollar 2.9%.

Stock market

On the stock section of multidirectional dynamics. On the day the MICEX index added 0.08% symbolic, but the RTS index due to the ruble grew by 1.57%, with almost all of this growth, as in the situation with the ruble fell to the last hours of trading.

Among stocks again stood out paper "VTB"They rose 4.5%. It should be noted that such swings have been observed for the third consecutive day. On the eve of the truth, after the same rapid growth of intra-day, at the end of the paper reached the level of the previous close, but today growth could continue. But the paper "Sberbank" today closed in negative territory, losing on the day up 1.4%.


In the oil market continued sluggish decline in prices. As of 19:00 Moscow time futures for December delivery Brent blend crude traded at around $ 80.97. On Tuesday failed to break an important level of $ 82, but build on the success so far failed. Several times quotes approaching the price of $ 80 per barrel, but each time followed by a rebound.

When the oil is just starting its "bearish" trend, many experts are beginning to turn their attention to the so-called contango – the difference between the price for the next contract and the price of long futures. The greater the difference, the worse outlook for oil prices. At some point in late September contango is almost gone from the market, but now again a difference of a few dollars, so oil can still continue to fall.

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Pro Hedger

December 29, 2017

Pro Hedger

This hedging Advisor is designed for efficient trading with an average level of risk. The trading system is based on the grid is fully automated and requires minimal monitoring. Trading robot is fully optimized for trading on the H1 EURUSD with the balance of $ 500 and a leverage of 1: 500. It is advisable to balance a multiple of 5, 500, 5000 and 50000.

If your account is $ 50, use the advisor on cent account. In addition to the EURUSD, the adviser can be used on any currency pair, but require pre-optimization.


  • ForceClose – close all positions
  • Trading Time – time advisor to search for signals
  • OPFriday – work on Friday
  • TakeProfit – Take Profit
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss
  • HedgingDistance – distance to hedge
  • Lot sizes for hedging

SecureOP – function is to protect the profit and equity. When set to 25 – position is closed when the price reached a profit of 25 pips and is going to unfold. There is also a built-in debug (Debug) to search for errors.

Like working with the grid, you choose the type of initial orders – buy / sell. This decision affects the operation of the adviser.

“Golden” rule – withdraw from the account of every $ 100 profit on the account of $ 500, and then restart the advisor. Advisor programmed to save up to 50% on any account.

Configuration files for the other pairs will be added in the “Discussion”.

Pro Hedger

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