GBPUSD bad But stable

March 20, 2018

GBP / USD: bad. But stable.

GBP / USD today
He continues to hold around ten months
lows, keeping a surprising gloomy
stability. On Briton continues
seriously push the fact that in Scotland
opens more and more
independence supporters. Today on
GBP / USD early trading in Europe fell
to 1.6064 (the lowest level since November,
last year). Analysts say
support is found around
1.5852 and resistance – at 1.6225.

It has continued to grow – today again
the prerequisites that the
assume an early rate hike
Fed. But the euro weakened, and very
Really. even the pound was up against him:
EUR / GBP pair has weakened by 0.11%
(And now stands at 0.7999).

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Dow Jones has updated historical maximum

March 19, 2018

Dow Jones has updated the historical maximum

auction on Thursday for the third day
consecutive growing US stock indexes.
Something that has been long awaited: Dow
Jones Industrial Average reached
historical maximum and updated it,
adding 0.64%. Now its value
of 17,265.99 points.

S P 500
the results of trades rose by 0,49%, Nasdaq strengthened

initial claims for unemployment benefits
in the United States fell to two-month low,
but the number of new buildings in August
It fell more than expected. This
Statistics itself balances
and, coupled with the calm rhetoric
Fed creates favorable
background for market growth.

all grew up shares of financial companies:
Citigroup Inc. Bank firmed
2.4%, the insurance company Prudential Financial Inc.
It added 2.3%. Operator
several commodities and futures
US Exchanges CME Group Inc. has grown
the seventh day in a row yesterday added

tremendous losses – Rite network pharmacies
Aid (-18,5% on a worsening outlook
profit) and a network of furniture stores
Pier 1 Imports (-18,5% for
the same “banana peel”).

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Q Least Square

March 19, 2018

Q Least Square

Q-Least Square (QLS) – This fully automatic trading robot. Advisor Q-Least Square sells on many pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, while opening only one order. This trading robot is highly reliable, as he worked on a real account and on my personal account. money management system allows you to trade with only 5%, 10% or 20% of the risk of the deposit. All transactions are protected by stop-loss orders. Q-Least Square can be set at a chart timeframe M15, M30, H1 or H4.

Trading Strategy and Results

Q-Least Square based on a technical analysis, the method of least squares regressions and timing. The strategy uses a price recovery at a certain time. Low take-profit helps to reduce risk and increase the probability of winning each transaction. However, Q-Least Square contains only technical analysis and “1010010 …”. Therefore it is better to suspend the work of the adviser before leaving significant fundamental events such as the bankruptcy of Lehman Brother, Brexit or a nuclear war in North Korea.

Q-Least Square tested for a period of 5 years. The results with 90% quality are shown in the screenshots. Counselor working and tested on a live account. At the moment I use Q-Least Square on my real account. Trading robot is very reliable, especially in EURUSD.


Guidance for setting trading robot

  • Trading_Strategytrading strategy:
    • Safe: a very safe strategy with acceptable results
    • Standard: a balanced strategy with average results
    • Risky: bold strategy for anyone who thinks big
    • Insane: the day before the wedding
    • I_dont_care: perfect strategy, only live once
  • Riskfactor – Risk factor:
    • Small: 5% of the bill
    • Normal: 10% of the bill
    • greedy: 20% of the bill
  • Alert – warning:
    • PopUpAlert: a pop-up alert in the terminal
    • EmailAlert: a message by e-mail, which is specified in the terminal
    • PushAlert: Push-notification to the mobile terminal
  • period : The number of bars used to calculate the indicator must be greater than 50
  • TF: timeframe, the adviser works only on timeframes M15, M30, H1, H4
  • History: it is impossible to test the time before the formation of the Euro zone and the currency EUR. It is recommended to test the interval after 2010 “;

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact me. Post your review and comment.

Q Least Square

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March 15, 2018


This indicator in the Russian part community was first published here. The indicator is based on the four points that form a pattern.

  1. opening day 
  2. high of the day 
  3. closing day 
  4. at least days

It is designed to work on hourly timeframes.

The essence of the system – in the visual determination of the subsequent movement. The author suggests the following interpretation:

  • If the latter figure is narrowing and narrowing of the lower base figure, It is expected to continue the trend (Minimum base size).
  • If the latter figure is more than the expansion of the base figure, It predicted a possible change of trend (Minimum base size).
  • If the base and the end pieces are visually, predicted correction.


  • TimeBar – the number of days for processing.
  • WIDTH – the thickness of the drawn lines. 


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Peskov denied off Russia from global Internet

March 14, 2018

Peskov denied off Russia from the global Internet

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has categorically denied reports of a possible disabling of Russia from the global Internet, reports on Friday, September 19, “Interfax”.

“Of course, there can be no question that Russia may be disconnected from the global Internet, that it is preparing for this, or is considering such a possibility,” – Peskov said.

However, he added that in recent years the actions of the American and European partners, “appeared a fair share of unpredictability, and we must be prepared for all situations.” “We know who is the chief executive of the global Internet. And due to this unpredictability, we need to think about how to ensure its national security “, – said the press secretary of the Russian president.

Peskov also confirmed that currently worked out steps to take action in the field of information security, but stressed that it is not about how to isolate Russia from the global network, and that “in order to protect it from possible external actions.”

Previously, “Vedomosti” reported that in the Monday, September 22, the Russian Security Council, with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to address the issues of the work of the Russian Internet in emergency situations, including the ability to disable the country from the global network. Dmitry Peskov, in turn, noted that there is no Security Council on that date will not be held, as scheduled regular meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council. “We report the operational issues are discussed there, but never reveal the topics that are included in the closed part of the agenda. We will not do it now, “- he concluded.

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March 13, 2018


This script is used to mark the graphs by adding text labels, which can “see” advisors or indicators. Run the script is already labeled graph leads to the removal of labels.


  • NavTag creates or removes a text label “NavTag
  • Inscription “(N)” appears in the upper right corner of the chart
  • The background color is the color of the front label schedule plan, and the foreground color inscription is the background graphics, so the label should always be distinguishable regardless of schedule settings.
  • NavTag use navigation tools in the search schedules that you want to change.


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In Asia Pacific region all is well only in Korea

March 12, 2018

In the Asia-Pacific region all is well only in Korea and Australia

stocks fell on Tuesday for the fifth
consecutive day the market closed at the
lowest level in two months.
The yen strengthened against the dollar. Index
Nikkei lost 2.38%. Yen
It strengthened against the dollar to a mark of 107.15
(As compared to 107,00 day before). actually,
strengthening of the yen and was the driver falling
Market: car manufacturers and
technology companies, which
They make up the lion’s share of the Japanese big
economy, work for export. therefore
it profitable to strengthen the dollar. A strengthening
Yen has brought the fall of the automotive
Sectors: Toyota Motor lost
3.89%; Mazda Motor weakened on
3.7%; Nissan Motor fell
2.04%; Honda Motor lost weight on
1.99%. In the technical sector capitalization
reduced SoftBank Corp. (-3.14%); Olympus
Corp. (- 4.4%); Sony Corp. (-3.19%); Panasonic Corp (- 3,1%).

falling worldwide prices for raw materials
We hit shares of energy
Company: Japan Petroleum lost
3.18%; Shell Showa Sekiyu K.K. slithered
down to 4.4%.

Asian markets have behaved slightly
better. Thus, the Hang Seng fell
(-0.41%) and Shanghai Composite (-0,28%).

grown Kospi (+ 0,11%), and S P / ASX
(+ 1.01%).

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March 9, 2018


This indicator calculates the percentage ranges Williams (William? S Percent Range) in the indices AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in a single window.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • WPRperiods: Number of bars used in the calculation.
  • aud: “True” – show the index AUD, “False” – hide.
  • cad: “True” – show CAD Index, “False” – hide.
  • eur: “True” – show the EUR index, “False” – hide.
  • gbp: “True” – show the index GBP, “False” – hide.
  • jpy: “True” – show the index JPY, “False” – hide.
  • nzd: “True” – show NZD index, “False” – hide.
  • usd: “True” – show the index of USD, “False” – hide.
  • chf: “True” – show the index of CHF, “False” – hide.
  • MA: the moving average method.
  • timeframe: Timeframe used to calculate the index.
  • ColorAUD: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorCAD: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorEUR: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorGBP: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorJPY: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorNZD: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorUSD: Text Color AUD.
  • ColorCHF: Text Color CHF.
  • fontsize: The size of the text indexes.
  2. Each index can be disabled by changing the “true” to “false”.
  3. Choose any timeframe for the calculation without changing the timeframe chart.
  4. You can customize the color, style and width of each index.


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Scotland can take two major banks

March 7, 2018

Scotland can take two major banks

Two largest banks of Great Britain, the share of which belongs to the government, said they will move to London if Scotland voted for independence. This statement, the bank made a few hours after polls showed a slight advantage of those who want to preserve the centuries-old alliance with Britain.

Britain’s political elite rushed to make political statements as to what the future holds Scotland, if it voted for independence in a referendum on September 18 after the published output of the polls for the first time this year showed a slight advantage of those who support independence.

The leaders of three major political parties quickly came to the UK in the region where promised that if Scotland renounce independence, will get more autonomy. Partly nationalized banks Lloyds and RBS said they relocate to London, when the Scots decide to break the 307-year-old alliance with Britain. Lloyds, 25% owned by the British government, and which controls the Bank of Scotland, said his case on contingency plan includes a point, as the opening of the organization in England. RBS said that there is a need “to change the address of the holding company."

Mark Karni, the head of the Bank of England, also raised the issue of currency in an independent Scotland, saying that the country will require huge reserves of pounds, if it decides to use this exchange without an agreement with the UK.

Supporters of unity felt a little relief when the survey data released on Wednesday showed that 53% of Scots would vote against independence, and 47% would vote for independence – the data that remain unchanged from 28 August. The survey data do not include 10% of voters who said they are still undecided.

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Control Trading Relative Strength

March 6, 2018

Control Trading Relative Strength

Control Trading Relative Strength allows you to simultaneously compare up to 7 characters on MT4.

The indicator shows the price of each line of the character movement.

Characters starting at the bottom – the bull. Opposite characters – a bear.

With the help of Shift option, you can choose a candle with which to start the comparison, so you can observe the movement before and after comparison.


  • Shift: What will spark the comparison (the default value 0 – the last candle)
  • Mode (Mode):
    • Custom .- uses symbols from the following options.
  • Symbol (#): Symbol in the form in which it appears on the MT4 platform your broker.
  • Inverse (#): Select true, if you want to invert the symbol to change the price currency.

Control Trading Relative Strength

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