December 14, 2017


Improving ATR indicator.


  • ATRPeriod – ATP period to be used for calculating the maximum ATP
  • MAXPeriod – ATP quantity values ​​used for computing the maximum ATP
  • DrawLine – displaying a line, false – It will be displayed as a histogram.

Less susceptible to the current decrease in volatility, which allows more correctly estimate the range of the work. In this case, to respond quickly to an increase in volatility, which allows the use of the safe value indicator.

If you use in your work ATR indicator, I can almost 100% certainty that the indicator you are looking for work.

Calculates the maximum value of the indicator with ATP for the specified period ATRPeriod MAXPeriod period, allowing for more adequately plan trade risks, as in current spark MAXPeriod indicator will ignore lull volatility (e.g., before the news)


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American engineer admitted before his death that

December 13, 2017

American engineer admitted before his death that he saw aliens at Area 51

An engineer from the US aerospace company Lockheed Martin Boyd Bushman before his death shared information about aliens and showed a photo of aliens. He died at the age of 78 years old in August of this year. Before that, he had to give an interview in which he spoke about the mysterious "zone 51" and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, which he saw in person, according to New York Daily News.

Bushman said he worked in "zone 51" – secret military base in Nevada. According to official data, there were development of experimental aircraft. There is a perception out there that keep debris crashed spacecraft and even alien bodies.

In 2013, US intelligence agencies have recognized that "Zone 51" It does exist, but there are no aliens – only with the aircraft hangars. Bushman claimed to have seen aliens. According to his description, this being an increase of about one and a half meters long fingers and a webbed feet. It took them 45 years to ensure that access to the home planet to Earth. As Bushman said, they move in flying saucers, with 11.5 meters in diameter. According to him, 18 aliens working for the US military.

An engineer with 40 years experience said that aliens live more than 200 years old, they can communicate with humans using telepathic and can read thoughts.

Bushman said that the US military have caught the wreckage of the spacecraft after the so-called Roswell incident. This mysterious event took place in 1947 in the state of New Mexico. Presumably, there was the crash of an unidentified flying object.

Video recording with a half-hour interview with Bushman appeared on YouTube on October 8 and attracted nearly three million views.

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Analysis currency pairs 03 11 07 11 by method

December 12, 2017

Analysis currency pairs 03.11 – 07.11 by the method of Price Action

EUR / USD Daily
This week, the price dropped to a target level of 1.2500. the price most likely breaks this level and will continue to decline towards 1.2050. This week to enter the sale, will follow the formation of a new signal Price Action at the next level of resistance or 8/21 EMA.

GBP / USD Weekly

On the weekly chart it has been formed outdoor bar at the level of 1.6180. Most likely the price still will continue to move downward. To enter the sale recommend to enter the 50% of the candles external bar to get the best risk / reward ratio.

AUD / USD Weekly

Australians PINBAR week at 0.8870 has been formed. I recommend to enter into sales by 50% the spark to get the best risk / reward ratio. This week, the price may try to pass the key support level 0.8660

NZD / USD Weekly

New Zealander continued to fall, bouncing off 8 EMA. This week is likely to try to pass the level 0.7700. You can try to enter the sale of 50% of the weekly PINBARA.

USD / JPY Daily

This week there was a culmination of the growth of the pair. For those who are included in the purchase of PINBARU or internal bar I got a good profit. For those who want to enter again in the purchase should wait for signals Price Action after correction at the nearest support level or a 8/21 EMA.

USD / CAD Weekly

The most whimsical pair formed this week Fakey (false breakdown inside bar). I think this week will continue to rise to new highs. I recommend to wait for confirmation of growth and appearance of the signal on the daily chart.

XAU / USD Weekly

Unfortunately, gold is not enabled us to enter into the sale of 50% PINBARA, which we discussed last week, and almost immediately fell in price breaking the previous low. This week I recommend to wait for correction to the nearest resistance level education and post-alarm Price Action enter into sales.

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Central Bank abolished dual currency corridor

December 12, 2017

Central Bank abolished the dual currency corridor for the ruble

Central Bank of Russia canceled from November 10, the mechanism of the exchange rate policy, and now it will not count the permissible range of values ​​for the value of the currency basket and carry out regular interventions at the boundaries of its range. This was reported on the site controller.

The new approach is that as long as there is a complete renunciation of foreign exchange intervention, they will be carried out in case of threats to financial stability. Now the exchange rate will be formed under the influence of market factors, and this, according to the regulator, should help improve the quality and effectiveness of monetary policy the Bank of Russia, as well as to ensure price stability. In the end, a new approach to the conduct of operations in the domestic foreign exchange market is to accelerate the adaptation of the economy to changes in the external environment, as well as to increase its resistance to negative shocks.

Previously, Bank of Russia used the ruble value of the currency basket (dollar’s share was 0.55 euros – 0.45) as the operational indicator. The boundaries of this interval is adjusted if the accumulated amount of currency interventions reached the set value – of $ 350 Mill.

Recall that on November 5 of the Central Bank has limited the amount of daily interventions – a maximum of $ 350 million a day, November 7 but has confirmed that it is ready to increase this amount if necessary to bring down the excessive demand for the currency.

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My Trading Assistant

December 8, 2017

My Trading Assistant

Semiautomatic expert to accompany the manual trading transactions. Advisor has the functions of the output transactions to breakeven, the closing position at the given maximum drawdown of the balance sheet or profit as a percentage, trailing the points, trailing on the previous extrema bars. Accompanying products produced by the current financial instrument is not depending on the magic number and type of transactions. Advisor displays information on the schedule for the chosen currency pair on the current profit in percentage loss, earnings today in the deposit currency, yesterday, in the current and previous month.

The expert also displays the chart two buttons for quick trading – Buy and a Sell, even if you open an order through the panel in the terminal, the expert will also be working with them, no matter the market is a warrant or deferred. Powered by 4-5 digit quotes. Before the start of trading advisor to adjust to your needs, and after running it will perform the function assigned to it.


  • Breakeven – enable / disable the breakeven;
  • StartBreakeven_1,2 – the number of items which have been passed by in profit for the withdrawal position to breakeven;
  • StepBreakeven_1,2 – distance, in points, which is exposed to the level of bezubytka;
  • Trailing – enable / disable trailing on points;
  • TrailingStart – the minimum number of points which have been passed from the opening price of the warrant for the trailing;
  • TrailingStop – the number of items to start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep – move the trailing stop;
  • TrailingHiLow – enable / disable trailing by Hi – Low previous bars;
  • TimeFrame – timeframe to search for extrema previous bars;
  • BarCount – the number of previous bars to find extrema;
  • IndentHiLow – indent from Hi – Low highest / lowest value;
  • ShowButton – show / hide buttons for quick trading;
  • BayColor – button color Buy;
  • SellColor – Sell ​​color buttons;
  • TypeOrderExecution – type of order execution. Market Execution and Instant Execution;
  • BalanceRisk – calculation of trading lot on the balance / free margin;
  • Lots – fixed lot if BalanceRisk == 0;
  • TakeProfit – Profit in points;
  • StopLoss – loss of points;
  • MaxAttempts – the maximum number of attempts to open an order;
  • DelaySeconds – delay in seconds between attempts;
  • Slippage – maximum slippage;
  • ShowInfo – show / hide the information on trade;
  • TextColor – color information displayed text.

testing expert

Attention! Advisor begins to trade on their own, to start the work of an expert you need to specify the direction of the trade by pressing the corresponding button on the chart Buy or Sell. To this end, the strategy tester select trading interval (start and end of the test period), mode “Every tick” and tick “Visual mode”. After starting the test experts will be about trade and two buttons Buy or Sell. After performing the set goals will fall Advisor to the initial stand-by mode.

My Trading Assistant

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Panic in OPEC will only begin when price of oil

December 7, 2017

Panic in the OPEC will only begin when the price of oil at $ 70

According to information,
obtained portal Marketwatch
from one of OPEC officials cartel
begins to reduce the quota of oil production only
If commodity price falls to $ 70
and below.

“With a price of $ 70 per
barrel of a real start in OPEC
panic. We used to live at 100
dollars per barrel “, it was said
behind the scenes of a meeting of 12 countries officials

“Great forum” OPEC
be held on November 27 and is being held
a kind of rehearsal for her: the country
try to agree on how they
respond to the 25% reduction in prices
oil for a few months. With considering
what is the main supplier of black
of gold on the world market – Saudi
Arabia – can easily afford
and further reduce the price in his pocket,
own goals and ambitions, meeting 27
November promises to be hot. However,
today already wrote about this dear

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December 6, 2017


Indicator FTOR 4 – is a fast tick oscillator. reflects
the trend of price movement in a short time. calculated
Based on tick data. Is from -100 to +100.

The indicator has three input parameters:

  • Period – the time interval for the price analysis in seconds;
  • Smoothing – Smoothing indicator parameter (a positive number);
  • Ticks To Draw – the number of past values ​​of the indicator,
    displayed on the graph. If the parameter is equal to zero, then set
    a value equal to the number visible on the chart bars.


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Morning cheerful dollar above 48 rubles euro

December 5, 2017

Morning cheerful: the dollar above 48 rubles, euro above 59 rubles..

This morning, at once
after the opening of trading on the Moscow
Exchange the ruble fell against the euro and the dollar.
So, it has been updated once again
highs currency pairs.

The pair USD / RUB
It is now trading at a level
47.56 rbl., And at 9:52 on MSK pair reached
mark of 48.43 rubles. The pair EUR / RUB,
in turn, is traded
at the level of 58.95 rubles., the maximum current
session (after opening) was at 10:01
for MSK. – 59.53 rbl.

Now the situation is a little bit
stabilizes. economists vied
It says it is the result of policy
central bank, which is almost
let the national currency free

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December 4, 2017


Hedging advisor based on averaging over the grid (hedge trading EA based on Grid Averaging System). To enter the market using RSI.

Principle of operation

  1. Advisor sets the stop order (buy stop / sell stop) in the region X pips from the current price when activating signal buy / sell indicator RSI.
  2. Yield of the entries occurs at levels stop loss and take profit and trailing stop (take profit in dollar, stop loss in dollar and trailing stop).
  3. If the transaction does not reach a value sufficient to output from the position at re-activating signal buy / sell indicator RSI, in the distance X pips from the current price set another stop order (buy stop / sell stop).

Default settings

  • MagicNumber = 3377.
  • MintoDelStopOrder = 15.

Office lot

  • Risk = 1.00. The level of risk depends on the funds in the account. At Risk = 0 Advisor uses only parameter Lots.
  • MinLots = 0.01.
  • MaxLots = 10.00.

Global Markets

  • MaxOrder = 10. The maximum order.
  • Lots = 0.10.
  • Step = 25. The distance from the current price to stop.
  • UseHiddenTakeProfit = true. Activate TakeProfitDollar.
  • TakeProfitDollar = 100.0.
  • UseHiddenStopLoss = true. Activate StopLossDollar.
  • StopLossDollar = 100.0.
  • UseTrailingStop = true. Activate TrailingStop.
  • TrailingStop = 25.


  • Rsi_Period = 14.
  • Rsi_Timeframe = 0.
  • UseFollowTrend = false. Select true, if you want to follow the trend, UseCounterTrend must be equal to false.
  • UpperFollow = 55.
  • LowerFollow = 45.
  • UseCounterTrend = true. Select true when working against the trend (counter trend), UseFollowTrend should be equal to false.
  • UpperCounter = 70.
  • LowerCounter = 30.


  • Use_TimeFilter = true. Activate filtering hours advisor trades.
  • Trade_Hour_Start = 0.
  • Trade_Hour_End = 24.
  • Monday = true. Establish working days advisor.
  • Tuesday = true.
  • Wednesday = true.
  • Thursday = true.
  • Trade_On_Friday = true.

Initially, test the product in the MetaTrader 4 and swipe forward-tests on a demo account to evaluate the effectiveness of the adviser. Also test it on different time frames and pairs to get the best result. My recommendations for settings: Use Advisor sufficiently large timeframes (H1 / H4). You can also change the timeframe (timeframe) from 0 to 60 or 240.

Testing at the RSI period equal to 14 (standard RSI) or 20, you can change the parameter value from 14 to 20 to test other periods. It is recommended to use a counter trend techniques RSI (counter trend RSI methods). You can also follow the trend.


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Hunting for foreign investment Cuba opened fair

November 30, 2017

Hunting for foreign investment: Cuba opened the fair with the participation of 60 countries

Yesterday, 2 November, Cuba opened the 32nd International Fair FIHAV-2014, which has hosted two million participants from 60 countries, including from Russia, China, Spain, and Venezuela. As part of a business fair government of Cuba will offer foreign investors 246
specific projects in different areas of the island’s economy for a total of
8.7 billion dollars.

One of the largest in the region, the International Havana Fair
It opened on Sunday at the exhibition complex on the outskirts of EXPOCUBA
the Cuban capital. In the framework of the fair the Cuban government will offer foreign investors 246
specific projects in different areas of the island’s economy in the total amount
8.7 billion dollars. The proposed projects involve investments
in the agricultural, food processing, construction and pharmaceutical
sectors, as well as in biotechnology and renewable energy.
Investment opportunities will be made available in all provinces

The Russian exposition at FIHAV-2014 organized by the Ministry
Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with the support of the Chamber of Commerce
The Russian Federation, the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Cuba. Exposure present cvoi
Government of Moscow, Tatarstan, Tula region,
Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, foreign
Association “Zarubezhtsvetmet” Central Design Bureau for ships
hydrofoil them. RE Alekseeva, the company “Zarubezhneft”
“Ilyushin Finance Co”., “Rostselmash” and others. Tatarstan presented the products of OAO “KAMAZ”, OJSC
“Tatkhimpharmpreparaty”, JSC “Kazan Helicopter Plant”, as well as five
small businesses.

day of the fair – November 3
, Discussion will focus on the "Russia – Latin
America 2014: new opportunities for integration".

On the third day – 4 November – will host a business forum on the special economic development zone
"Marielle"Including a port container terminal
deep-sea vessels, road and rail line, which
zone connected with multiple airports and 5 of November – discussion of
investment potential of the countries of the Pacific Alliance, as well as
profitable areas for investment of Russian capital in Latin

Spain, It takes as long as five rooms, was again "the most represented" on FIHAV, while Venezuela, Brazil and Italy stood out as representatives of the most rapidly growing areas in comparison with the previous year.

Brazil, the second largest trading partner after Venezuela, Cuba, was presented "53 companies, 24 more than"Than last year, announced on Friday the general director of the Agency for Export Development and Brazil investments, Hipolito Rocha.

"This year the theme of the exhibition is to promote foreign investment", – He stressed the Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Rodrigo Malmierca, in his opening remarks at EXPOCUBA.

Investments are the Achilles heel of the Cuban economy, the volume of which fell by 1.8% in the first half and reduced GDP growth over the same period, bringing it to only 0.6%. According to official data, the lowest figure in recent years. In June, the Cuban government passed a new Foreign Investment Law, as a last means of encouraging the Cuban economy, which was in stagnation, despite the reforms undertaken by President Raul Castro.

Minnikhanov Fihav

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov (center) attended the opening Fihav-2014

Source: Tatar-Inform

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